When reading all of the resources this week there were many new

When reading all of the resources this week there were many new ways to produce a portfolio, and parts of a portfolio, that I was previously not aware of.  The different resources that show exactly how to build our portfolio will be very helpful when putting a portfolio together.              One of the articles talks about the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) discussing successful and unsuccessful outcomes as this helps show the problem-solving skills of the CNL (Norris, Webb, McKeon, Jacob, & Herrin-Griffith, 2012).  This is not something I would normally think of to include in a portfolio.  This same resource also helps with a table stating what evidence should be included in your portfolio by the role you play as a CNL (Norris et al, 2012, p 49).  As a clinician, the portfolio would want to include a complex patient concept map and a couple of other items.  These are definitely some items that I need to remember when putting together my portfolio.             On another resource provided for us there is another table that lays out exactly how to compose a portfolio (Smith, 2011, p. 56).  This table also states that we should include problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.  While in school we can use some experiences we have had or do have in our preceptorship to include in our portfolio.             Since I am so used to doing all of my documentation for school and work on a computer, I was very interested in the ePortfolio idea.  My resume, references and all of my papers from school are already on my computer, so why not generate a portfolio online and link them rather than print them out and create a separate binder to place them in.  One thing I’m happy that I read is to make sure you get permission from your references to have their information put on the ePortfolio since it will be a website (Hannas & Olivo, 2017).  I would not have thought of that when putting together the portfolio online.  This is also an easy way for one to include a professional photograph and develop a nursing philosophy statement to include online (Hannas & Olivo, 2017).              I researched the ePortfolio to see how difficult it would be to create one on Google.  There are many sites that provide step by step instructions to create an ePortfolio.  One of the best ones I found gave pictures, video and verbiage to walk you through, step by step, on setting up the ePortfolio and how to send it to potential employers (Ajanma, n.d.).  It is a generic portfolio, not a nursing portfolio, so using the other resources we have will help us know what content to place in the portfolio.  It is a great resource of information to make putting that information onto a website to send to employers much smoother.  This is definitely something I’ll be creating and adding information to after each term during my schooling to keep it updated with everything I’m learning and doing each term. References Ajanma, E. (n.d.). Eportfolio with google sites. Retrieved April 13, 2020, from Instructables Circuits: Hannas, J., & Olivo, Y. (2017). Craft a positive nursing digital identity with an ePortfolio. American Nurse Today, 12(11), 48-49. Retrieved April 13, 2020, from Norris, T., Webb, S., McKeon, L., Jacob, S., & Herrin-Griffith, D. (2012). Using portfolios to introduce the clinical nurse leader to the job market. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 42(1), 47-51. doi:10.1097/NNA.0b013e31823c18e3 Smith, L. (2011). Showcase your talents with a career portfolio. Nursing, 41(7), 54-56. doi:10.1097/01.NURSE.0000398641.62631.8e

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When reading all of the resources this week there were many new
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