Reply 1 Maria Thank you for all the information. I agree with

Reply 1 Maria Thank you for all the information. I agree with you and one way to break the chain of infection is by primary prevention. At any point, we can break the chain to infection and stop it from spreading to others, the sooner the better. According to WestOne, the best ways to break the link is; “preventative treatment – for those who may be exposed, rapid identification, prompt treatment – for those infected, good health and hygiene, environmental sanitation, disinfection/sterilization, hand hygiene, control of excretions and secretions, appropriate disposal of trash and waste, proper food handling, isolation procedures, airflow control, proper wound care, catheter care, aseptic technique, treatment of primary disease, recognizing high risk clients” (WestOne, 2013). Prevention is a big component but so is educating our patients. Education can include early detection of flu/infection, proper hand washing technique are just to name a few.       Professor C Reply2 Hi Maria, You are right that the increasing population in the community contributes to the rapid spread of infectious diseases such as COVID. For example, I live in Southern California and there are so many COVID cases in Los Angeles because of all the people living there in such close proximity. Also, being near a major international airport, LAX, is a contributing factor because of the exposure of the disease from travelers. Controlling COVID will be difficult in Los Angeles unless people are compliant with social distancing and lockdown orders. Thanks for sharing!

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Reply 1 Maria Thank you for all the information. I agree with
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