Re: Topic 3 DQ 2 The three different levels of health promotio

Re: Topic 3 DQ 2 The three different levels of health promotion are primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary level of health promotion takes place before any signs, symptoms, or warning signs of an illness or injury. The primary prevention uses active and passive involvement to prevent illness or injury from occurring (Tobin & Sugai, 2005). Active involvement requires the patient to make an active effort in disease or injury prevention whether this is by education or taking preventative measures. Passive involvement happens without the involvement of a patient. Passive involvement occurs due to a decision made to benefit the overall public. The secondary level of health promotion is to prevent or stop the initial stages of an illness or injury (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Secondary prevention is implemented through screening of patients or early treatment if the illness or injury is caught in its early stages. The tertiary level of health promotion is recovery from an illness or injury to help the patient return to their baseline or as close as the patient can get to it to prevent further damage (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The most common form of tertiary prevention is rehabilitation. All three levels of health prevention share the fact that they prevent the patient from deteriorating in function and wellbeing at different degrees. Based on what stage the illness or injury is identified at the nurse must implement that level of prevention accordingly. The levels of prevention help determine the educational need for a patient by determining what kind of education is warranted. If a patient is receiving primary prevention stage the patient will receive an education that is more focused on early prevention and a general idea of the illness or injury, which a patient who is receiving tertiary prevention will receive more information on the illness or injury itself and preventive measure what will help reverse or keep effects of the illness or injury at bay.  References Grand Canyon University. (2018). Health Promotion: Health and Wellness Across the  Continuum. Retrieved from: lth-and-wellness-across-the-continuum/v1.1/#/chapter/2 Tobin, T. J., & Sugai, G. (2005). Preventing problem behaviors: Primary, secondary, and tertiary level prevention interventions for young children. Journal of Early and Intensive  Behavior Intervention, 2(3), 125.

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Re: Topic 3 DQ 2 The three different levels of health promotio
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