Assignment Four Finding Out What’s Wrong (This is not a PAPER)

Assignment Four Finding Out What’s Wrong (This is not a PAPER) These are questions Instructions/Questions: Read Finding Out What’s Wrong in the textbook before starting the assignment. The answers for this assignment are in the textbook. Q 1–3 What are the three goals of identifying what is wrong in the Checking the Victim section? Q 4-6 The scene size-up determines the ______ of the scene, the _______ or nature of illness and the number of _______. Q 7-10 What are the four parts of the Initial Check? Q 11-14 What does each letter in the acronym AVPU represent for assessing responsiveness? Q 15 If the airway is obstructed abdominal thrusts called, the _______ maneuver can be given to clear and obstructed airway. Please note that the American Red Cross teaches five back blows and five abdominal thrusts.  Q16 To check breathing – look, listen and feel for five – ___ seconds.  Q17 If the victim is not breathing, keep the airway open and breathe ____ breaths into the victim.  Q18 From Breathing Sounds in the textbook, occasional gasping breaths after the heart stops are _____ respirations.  Q 19 – 20 The victim’s conditions that you can see, feel, hear or smell are termed _____ while the things the victim feels and is able to describe are termed ______. Q21 – 22 If a victim is conscious, you should do an assessment every ____ minutes while if a victim is unconscious, you should do an assessment every _______ minutes. Q23 ________ is the process of prioritizing victims.

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Assignment Four Finding Out What’s Wrong (This is not a PAPER)
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