Respond to your colleague by offering additional thoughts regard

Respond to your colleague by offering additional thoughts regarding the examples shared, SDLC-related issues, and ideas on how the inclusion of nurses might have impacted the example described by your colleagues.   At least 2 references in each peer responses! In healthcare sector, nurses are at the fore front in delivering direct care to patients and end-users of the systems therefore, it is necessary for nurses and their leaders to be involved in all stages of planning and purchasing of the systems. However, when they are not involved, consequences are felt in an organization such as nurses may develop negative attitude hence dislike the systems leading to system failure (McLean, et al, 2015). Another consequence includes many misunderstandings on how the system works thus lowering their productivity level. For example, the nurse may not be able to use system to enter records effectively hence achieving the goal of system development in healthcare.   First stage is planning and it is essential however poor planning by not involving nurses will lead to acquisition of wrong systems which may not be appropriate to the users. Nurse involvement will enable the team to clearly identify the problems and need for new system (Dennis, et al, 2015). Second stage is analysis; wrong analysis may lead to wrong cost estimation and inadequate identification of risks involved. Involving nurses in the process will help in identifying risks and impacts to the users and practice earlier and finding possible solution. In design stage, the potential issue the system is developing wrong system that does not uphold integrity and security of patient information. By inclusion, the nurse will help in developing right systems that ensure patient security and confidentiality of their information (Singletary & Baker, 2019). Also, in implementation stage a potential challenge is that nurses may not understand how the system operates thus develop negative attitude towards the system. The issue is may be addressed by involving nurses thus they are conversant with the system because misunderstandings are handled as earlier as possible by the team (Dennis, et al, 2015). Finally, post implementation stage may face a challenge like lack of feedback from the users thus nothing will be rectified or systems will be poorly maintained. By including nurses in planning and acquisition, adequate evaluation of feedback is done thus systems well maintained. As a nurse informaticist, I had a chance to give my input in planning and acquiring new HIT system. I ensured that the need for new system was understood and the system acquired ensured security of the patient information. For example, I ensured the HIT system purchased had security protection component to protect access by unauthorized people. Another example is that I encouraged other nurses to give feedback about the new systems.

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Respond to your colleague by offering additional thoughts regard
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