Thinking Critically About Penis Enhancers

Rationale: This assignment asks you to apply your knowledge about male anatomy and physiology to critically evaluate penile enhancement products. 

Instructions: Find and submit (either as a link to the product or as an uploaded file) an advertisement about a penis-enhancement product. “Men’s” magazines are a great resource, but you can also find products online. For example, the “Zenith” prosthesis, which is supposed to increase the length by 3 inches and diameter by 30%, or the “Hyperemiator” organ builder, which will increase length and diameter, cause greater sensitivity, increase staying power, and so on. While I’d like you to find your own example, if you get stuck you may use an example I found online: African Penis Enlargement CreamLinks to an external site..

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Thinking Critically About Penis Enhancers
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Once you have your advertisement, critique it by answering the following questions: 

  1. Are the advertiser’s claims possible given the anatomy and physiology you have learned about in this chapter?
  2. Does anything in the advertisement seem potentially harmful or painful?
  3. Can you describe the mechanism by which the claims might actually occur?
  4. Speculate on the reaction a woman might have if she knew her partner was using one of these “tools.”
  5. What might be the emotional and intellectual characteristics of a man who would purchase one of these devices?
  6. What advice might you give to a man who asked you whether or not he should purchase one?

In your critique, make sure that you fully explain your answers. For example, do not simply write “yes” or “no” for question 1. Instead, explain why the claims are impossible/are plausible given your knowledge of male anatomy.

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