QUESTION 1. Instructions Explain the Healthcare Common Procedur

QUESTION 1. Instructions Explain the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). Why is HCPCS important to the coding world? What can be found when using HCPCS? Next, code for the following scenario using Encoder Pro: A woman has come into the physician’s office for a routine pap smear. From her past appointments, there has always been a screening completed for cervical or vaginal cancer as well as a pelvic and clinical breast examination. Please code for the HCPCS procedure. Also, list your steps for finding the code. Your complete assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment. QUESTION 2.  1.Procedure code descriptions contain diagnostic information. True False 2.NOS stands for not otherwise specified. True False 3.Root operation is a device that remains in the body after the completion of a procedure. True False 4.The index is the ending point when selecting the code. True False 5.The character positioning on the table has little meaning. True False 6.NEC stands for not elsewhere classified. True False 7.The character meaning for M is the body system, the bursae, and ligaments. True False 8.By referencing the main term, a minimum of the three characters will appear in the index. True False 9.he Placement section identifier is 4. True False 10.The ICD-10-PCS uses seven-letter codes. True False QUESTION 3. Only Need To Be 100 words What are the benefits of coders enhancing their terminology knowledge of anatomy and physiology to use ICD-10-CM/PCS? Do you feel that coders need this knowledge in order to become a coding specialist? Why, or why not?

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QUESTION 1. Instructions Explain the Healthcare Common Procedur
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