What are your thoughts? According to my personal worldview o

What are your thoughts? According to my personal worldview on the values of human being, it is clear from the book of Genesis chapter 1 that God created man in his own image and likeness. Moreover, God commanded humans that he shall take control over everything on earth. After putting man in the Garden of Eden, he commanded man to rule over the earth by naming all other God’s creation, and most importantly he was given the responsibility of filling the world through procreation. I believe that with such great responsibilities from the supreme God, man was highly recognized and respected by the creator over all the other creatures. Even after Gods noticed that Adam was lonely we find him creating a female to help in the responsibilities given. I believe therefore that as human beings we have much-attached value in God’s eyes. There is a need to respect each individual despite their ethnicity or race since we are all sons and daughters of GOD. Most importantly is that God expects us to respect each other and show love as indicated in the second greatest commandment which is loving your neighbor as you love yourself. As human beings, God expects us to respect, show compassion, treat with acceptance and love, and consider others as well as showing empathy (Randy, 2010). It is through fulfilling the Ten Commandments that our values as human will be achieved.

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What are your thoughts? According to my personal worldview o
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