I need to make an answer based on this essay on Purnell Model as

I need to make an answer based on this essay on Purnell Model as a cultural competence. Must be a minimum of 200 words. References supporting the answer should be included. Purnell Model is a cultural competence strategy developed by Larry D. Purnell and Betty J. Paulanka (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). The model outlines and classifies different elements that impact the culture of a person. The founders discovered that ethnographic was an effective platform to encourage cultural awareness that relates to healthcare. Purnell Model was created on different assumptions that healthcare providers should consider as a way to boost their cultural awareness in the healthcare field.   The model assumes that every culture is unique, and they should be treated as such because of the different traditions and norms upheld by the people. In such a case, no culture is superior or inferior to the other. Instead, they are just different and unique. Another assumption linked to the Purnell Model is that all healthcare professionals need the same information about cultural diversity (Mardis & Oberg, 2019). The above assumption suggests that if healthcare professionals do not have the same information and knowledge about cultural diversity, it might affect the outcome of their duties, especially when they collaborate to help one patient address an issue since they will share different opinions linked to the patient’s culture. Purnell model also assumes that professionals in any industry should respect every person’s unique culture and use that knowledge to intervene in a culturally competent way to protect their patients play a significant role in the improvement of the health care industry (Mardis & Oberg, 2019). The model also assumes that including clients are co-participants in establishing healthcare plans, intervention, and goals also aid in the growth of healthcare outcomes because their perception of and contribution are essential to achieve sustainable results.   The Purnell model also assumes that cultures share some core similarities, and culture influences people’s responses and perceptions of health care (Mardis & Oberg, 2019). For example, people that are brought up in a culture of using herbal medicine and prayer are likely to disagree with the science of medicine or critical to treat illnesses. Therefore, such an assumption explains why some parents avoid taking their children for vaccination based on the beliefs, norms, and practices they uphold within their cultures. The difference in cultural characteristics demonstrates how people’s cultural beliefs, methods, and values vary. Finally, the Purnell model assumes that caregivers should learn more about their own culture and know themselves better, whereas organizations and associations have different cultures, which determines the way they are operated   The model creates a platform where professionals in the healthcare industry practice cultural competence by acknowledging that people have different beliefs and ideologies that inform their cultures (Mardis & Oberg, 2019). Learning about the different cultures will help healthcare professionals to treat their patients as individuals instead of classifying them in groups. For example, if an African American seeks medical assistance, the healthcare should not focus on the idea that the individual is black but also acknowledge other cultural competencies that the care recipient might hold that is unique to the person. Additionally, care recipients should read widely about different cultures to help them understand the needs of their clients. However, that does not mean that all healthcare professionals will have the same opinion about one culture. The idea is to combine their knowledge and use it to help the patient without making the care recipient feel out of place or unappreciated because of his or her tradition. Overall, respecting people’s culture in the healthcare industry is a foundation for improving healthcare outcomes.

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I need to make an answer based on this essay on Purnell Model as
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