Please, reply to this Discussion question. This is another stude

Please, reply to this Discussion question. This is another student post to wish i have to react adding extra information related to what the student already post.  make sure your writing seems redirect specific to the Student. For example  start with, Hello Martha, Do not generalize using the word student, because then i have to make the change, the reply is direct to one person, wish name is in the Begining. on the Title .    Question 1. Description of data Cultural belief system refers to an interplay beliefs, values and ideas that of a society that that dominate and reproduce a culture. The beliefs and attitudes of a society about disability and disease are socially constituted and experienced by individuals (Ring, Nyquist & Mitchell, 2018). The cultural belief system affects the people’s understanding of disease and health and determine their response towards nursing care. Worldview refers to a set of beliefs on basic aspects of reality that forms the basis of perception, knowledge, thinking and actions. The worldview of an individual is their personal view about what life is and how they should go about it. A paradigm is a pattern of thought or action that includes standards and theories towards making contribution to a field. Transcultural nursing is a paradigm of nursing that was developed to improve nursing practices. This paradigm has concepts and theories that it contributes to the field of nursing. Question 2. Notification and disclosure One major characteristic of magico-religious belief system is the attribution of illnesses to supernatural causes such as curses and bad omen. It is based on the belief that the world is an arena dominated by supernatural forces with its fate dependent on actions of gods, and other supernatural forces (Andres & Bolye, 2016). Under this belief system people seek supernatural remedies to healing such as exorcism, prayers and magic. The scientific belief system is characterized by the use of western technology and medicine in assessment and treatment of disease. Medication is based on evidence from research which is based on assessment and diagnostic to treat the patients. In holistic paradigms, both scientific and magico-religion approaches are considered. The major characteristic of holistic paradigm is believed that forces of nature should be kept at balance. With human life being one aspect in the general order of the cosmos, order and health is maintained by ensuring that everything takes its rightful place (Andres & Bolye, 2016). Healing involves the maintenance of a sense of balance or harmony between the universe and humans. This system explains disease and health based on external agents or disharmony among humans, metaphysical forces and the universe. Question 3. Contrast among organizations While professional and folktale care systems share structural features, there are some obvious characteristics that differentiate them. Professional care systems are taught, learned and transmitted where care takers are provided with knowledge and skills about care, wellness, illness and others related to practice in professional institutions (Andres & Bolye, 2016). On the other hand, in folktale healing systems, a set of beliefs and a shared social dimension is reflected in what people do when ill and when based on social standards of what they are supposed to do. In professional system, care is delivered in a multidisciplinary approach where people with specialized knowledge, including nurses, physicians and licensed healthcare providers serve the consumer of healthcare (Andres & Bolye, 2016). Under other conditions, the folktale system depends on a laid health care that is indigenous or generic with naturalistic healing taking pre-eminent in and is essentially defined by a society’s history of traditions rather than training. Question 4. Definition Allopathic medicine is science-based medicine that involves the use of surgery and medication for treatment of diseases. Allopathic or modern medicine or mainstream medicine is a health system where nurses, medical doctors, pharmacists and other professional healthcare providers that are licensed to treat disease and its symptoms attend to the needs of healthcare consumers (Sparkman, Hernaez & El-Serag, 2018). In allopathic medicine, treatment is done through the use of surgery, medication, ration and other procedures and therapies. The use of computers and technology is a perfect example of allopathic medicine. As a nurse, I use and interact with different machinery such as blood sugar machines (glucometer) and blood pressure machines that improve the lives of patients and nurses alike. All this technology coupled with advanced medicines is the reason why the life span of humans has doubled since the early 1900s (Roser, Ortiz-Ospina, & Ritchie, 2019). Furthermore, globalization has called for the rest of the world to adapt and conform to the ways of Western medicine either indirectly or directly, saving millions of lives in the process. References Andres, A.M. & Bolye, J.S. (2016).  Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care (7th ed.).  Max Roser, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina & Hannah Ritchie (2019). Life Expectancy. Our World in Data. Ring, J., Nyquist, J., & Mitchell, S. (2018). Curriculum for culturally responsive health care: The step-by-step guide for cultural competence training. CRC Press. Sparkman, J., Hernaez, R., & El-Serag, H. B. (2018). Traditional Chinese Medicine to the rescue of allopathic medicine in the co-adjuvant treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. Translational gastroenterology and hepatology, 3.

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Please, reply to this Discussion question. This is another stude
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