Examine the case of Baby Boy Doe (Darr, 2011, p. 16.) The object

Examine the case of Baby Boy Doe (Darr, 2011, p. 16.) The objective of this assignment is to get you to think critically about real-life ethical dilemmas and the moral principals involved. There is no right or wrong answer, just try to look at this case subjectively. Most of the time, resolving ethical dilemmas is not so “black and white.” Discuss arguments for and against the issues below 1. Discuss what makes this an ethical dilemma (read pp. 3 and 4).   2. Discuss the implications of this study in terms of the moral principles described in chapter 1.   Here are some questions that may guide your thinking:   Respect for persons: Did the hospital/ physicians allow the parents to be autonomous in their decision-making? Do you see any elements of paternalism on behalf of the physicians?   Beneficence: Did the hospital/ physicians act beneficently?   Nonmaleficence: Did the hospital/ physicians consider nonmaleficence?   Justice: Did the hospital act in a just way?   3. Finally, do you think that the hospital did all that it could in this situation? Did it act appropriately? Explain. Assignments are to be a minimum of 2 full pages of text and 3 reputable references in proper APA format. Reference: Darr, K. (2011).  Ethics in Health Services Management.  (5th Edition).  Baltimore, MD:  Health Professions Press, Inc

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Examine the case of Baby Boy Doe (Darr, 2011, p. 16.) The object
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