What are your thoughts  The one thing that stands out for

What are your thoughts  The one thing that stands out for one is the relationship between the classroom concepts and the realities of life. Throughout the course studies, the assignments depicted a strong link with daily life occurrences. The activities enabled one to comprehend the nature of life and prevailingcircumstances that could affect anyone. One instance is the case study about James and the dialysis procedure. Normally, individuals are bound to face difficult situations, which push them into doubting medical interventions, and turning into religion and faith (Timmins & Caldeira, 2017). Despite such reactions, the course readings offer a better alternative in such instances. Undertaking the assignments allows one to realize that adverse conditions can still be managed through medicine and spirituality. The activities highlight the significance of weighing options and selecting the best that guarantees beneficence. The relationships with the reality also assist anindividual in appreciating life and good health. From the practices, better traits are developed to handle diseases, death,and end of life decisions at the extremes. The class helped in dealing with complex decisions in healthcare through aspects of ethical reasoning and utilitarianism. Biomedical ethics play essential roles in guiding choices within healthcare settings (McDermott-Levy, Leffers &Mayaka, 2018). Essentially, caregivers are required to respect the autonomy of their patients while advising them accordingly. Such factors promote utilitarian approaches in end of life choices. The principles require physicians to offer maximum guidance to their patients while guaranteeing the highest good and benefits to them. Through the medical Hippocratic Oath, physicians protect life and do their best to enhance quality outcomes (McDermott-Levy et al., 2018). Therefore, through the class, one gets adequate preparations to work within professional settings. The concepts promote competency while increasing critical thought in medical decisions. The class was highly educative and informative. The tasks promoted elements of critical thought, effective communication skills, and teamwork in assignment completion. References McDermott-Levy, R., Leffers, J., & Mayaka, J. (2018). Ethical principles and guidelines of global health nursing practice. Nursing outlook, 66(5), 473-481. Timmins, F., & Caldeira, S. (2017). Understanding spirituality and spiritual care in nursing. Nursing Standard, 31(22).

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What are your thoughts  The one thing that stands out for
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