You  will locate a recent (less than 3 years) scholarly article

You  will locate a recent (less than 3 years) scholarly article or case  study (not a webpage). Please be very careful with your source selection  to ensure a high caliber and quality scholarly article.  Read  and review the article in relation to the epidemiological concepts  covered in the course readings, discussion, and lectures.  Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint slide presentation to share with your classmates that includes the following points – Slide 1: a full properly APA formatted reference for the article. Also include the library database source. Slides 2 & 3: A brief summary covering the key points of the article. Remaining Slides: How the article specifically relates to 5 points of epidemiology course content.  This could bediscussing  the type of investigation, any terminology introduced here in the  course and how used in the article, discussion of prevention strategies,  or bias.  As the header of each slide, place the course content area  that you will address on the slide. Final slide: 3 ways this  article benefits the practicing advance practice nurse, including the  nurse practitioner, nurse educator, and nurse administrator? This is not a  narrative paper placed in a slide set; you are to condense this  information in to a meaningful slide set that conveys only key  information. The only reference is on the first slide.  If you use other  resources to support your information, place the reference at the  bottom of the slide it falls upon. For example, if you use Merrill to  relate to course content, cite and reference on the individual slide.  You  will then review at least two classmates slide presentations and offer  peer review and feedback to their article presentation.  This peer  review is not a graded part of the activity, however is still expected  for participation in the course.

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You  will locate a recent (less than 3 years) scholarly article
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