Transcultural diversity and healthcare are the provision of heal

Transcultural diversity and healthcare are the provision of health care services and the sensitivity of the cultural variances as the healthcare worker focuses on discrete patients, their wants, and their preferences. Through transcultural diversity and healthcare, you demonstrate respect to your patients over their culture through seeking information from them about their beliefs and how they relate to healthcare practices. When handling a patient from a different culture than your cultural background, it is important to ensure that you are aware, and you respect his or her cultural needs and opinions. If not, the client may contemplate it insensitive, uncaring, and possibly incompetent. The health care provider should not assume that an individual from specific culture acts and similarly conducts the same way as him or her. It is unhealthy for a healthcare provider to stereotype patients (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). To avoid stereotyping, healthcare workers should treat each client as discrete and access his cultural grounds and preferences through a cultural assessment tool or questionnaire. A part of each cultural background influences the behaviour of each patient. On the other hand, there are some attributes and attitudes that are associated with a given cultural group. However, in healthcare, the healthcare providers need to avoid stereotyping the clients, considering each of the patients as a different individual. Not all the people that come from a common cultural background share the same behaviours and views. Collecting personal preference from the patients helps the healthcare provider in the provision of medical services with ease. Transcultural diversity in health care enables healthcare providers to communicate with foreign patients easily. Also, the health care provider can be able to determine if the patient’s health beliefs have any relations to the illness and the status of the family as well as the influence. A culture has various characteristics involved. Some of the characteristics describe culture as learned, dynamic, shared, and integrated. Culture is learned and cannot be inherited as a biological aspect. Most of the learning that takes place in a culture is unconscious. Culture is learned from families, peers, learning institution, organizations, as well as from the media. Culture is a process that is learned through a method called enculturation (Mesoudi, 2016). Humans fulfil their biological needs based on the cultures they belong to. The way people fulfil them varies depending on the culture of the individual. In addition, culture is also characterised as dynamic. This means that the culture interacts and changes from time to time. A culture is in contact with other cultures, thus enabling borrowing and selling of ideas from one culture to the other. Cultures change and due to flexibility, they can adapt to the changing environment. Every culture has its own unique way that the members use to fulfil necessities such as nourishment, sleep, and sex. The changing of the cultures also leads to the interrogation of cultures. During an integration of a culture, one aspect is changed, and it is likely that the aspect will change the entire culture, thus adapting to the changing environments. The integration of cultures is identified as holism, as several fragments of a culture are being connected.  The integration explains how the aspects of cultures are interconnected and for one to understand the culture, he or she must learn about all of its parts. Also, culture is shared amidst the members of the cultural group. The members of the cultural groups can act in a socially appropriate way and they can also be able to predict how others will act (Buskell, 2017).  However, having the shared nature of culture is not considered homogenous. There are several cultural domains that are in any given civilization. I need to make an answer based on this essay on Transcultural Diversity and Health Care. Must be a minimum of 200 words. References supporting the answer should be included.

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Transcultural diversity and healthcare are the provision of heal
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