What are your thoughts  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive

What are your thoughts  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive health complication that causes the brain cells to waste away or degenerate and eventually die. According to Galvin (2017), Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects over 5 million Americans with substantial consequences to patients, families, and society that will only continue to be a significant cause of morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs. Among the neurological illnesses, Alzheimer is the leading cause of dementia which is a continuous decline in thinking, disruption in behavioral and social skills and hence affecting independent functioning. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and accounts for 60–80% of cases (Crous-Bou, Minguillón, Gramunt, & Molinuevo, 2017). Some of the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include forgetting recent events and conversations. The progression of Alzheimer disorder results in severe memory impairment and eventually the los s of ability to carry out daily activities. Alzheimer disease increases with progressive aging of the population which has become an epidemic and it has been identified as incurable. Even though the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease have not been clearly understood by medical professionals, various factors have been related to the disease. Genetic factors, lifestyle and environmental factors are key factors resulting in Alzheimer disease. However, various brain protein that fails to function properly has been identified to cause AD. The proteins namely plaques and tangles disrupt the functioning of the brain cells and unleash a series of toxic events. Individuals with heart illnesses and poor lifestyle behaviors have increased chances of getting AD. Incidences of obesity, increased sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure and individuals with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes have increased chances of AD (Crous-Bou et al., 2017). Poor sleeping patterns such as staying asleep, difficulty sleeping are also risk factors of AD. Alzheimer disease greatly increases with age. According to Mayo Clinic (2018) two new diagnoses per 1,000 people ages 65 to 74, 11 new diagnoses per 1,000 people ages 75 to 84, and 37 new diagnoses per 1,000 people age 85 and older.

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What are your thoughts  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive
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