Comment1 My EBP project is on type 2 diabetes management throug

Comment1 My EBP project is on type 2 diabetes management through lifestyle changes. I have chosen my place of employment as a research facility being that huge percentage of the population is diabetic. Potential barriers that may prevent my EBP change proposal is the lack of knowledge and unpreparedness of the rest of the team. The company in which I work for has a total of 13 facilities. Each facility has at least one RN and various providers. In order for my EBP change proposal to be successful, the company will have to invest money in training the RNs. Budget is something that has to be meticulously analyzed before approving any type of training. However, the company believes in providing quality patient care and managing our patient’s diabetes will not only reflect in their blood glucose, but also their overall health. According to the article Budget Management Tips for New Managers, it is cost effective to invest time to learn right initially (McCarthy, 2018). At this time, the company is investing time and money to train all medical assistants into working universally throughout the 13 facilities. Being that diabetes is on the rise, and I have conducted evidence-based practice research, I have a good feeling that the company may want to invest time and money into training not only RNs in providing education to patients living with diabetes, but also mental health providers to support these patients. comment2 Maintaining safe staffing is key.  Keeping staff engaged in the hourly rounding process and not accepting anything less as practice on our CLC is paramount to keeping the residents safe and continue to keep falls at a minimum.  Maintaining an alarm free environment, no matter what the staffing ratios are, will be important. If management is serious about the alarm free environment, then they will need to actively enforce the rounding and not allow it to slide. Lastly, to maintain staff compliance, on-going education needs to be reinforced regarding proper rounding and alarm/restraint statistics on alarm free environments.

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Comment1 My EBP project is on type 2 diabetes management throug
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