Assignments 1- Answer to Discussion question two. 2- DQ replie

Assignments 1- Answer to Discussion question two. 2- DQ replies to 3 DQs. Instructions for Answer to Question 1- After Each DQ (question), write down references 2- 300 minimum words for every DQ, you can go up to 700 words but answer should be complete. 3- 2-3 references for each question 4- References should be within 5 years 5- I am in acute care nurse practitioner program. 6- The response to the DQ is expected to be a minimum of 300 words. A minimum of two resources are expected. These need to be appropriate for a clinical professional to guide decisions about patient care. If a textbook is used for one of these responses, the other needs to be journal or professional-level website. The references need to be correctly formatted, as do the citations for those references.  “ Question words” don’t count towards 300 minimum count” Instructions for DQ Replies to 3 DQS DO NOT JUST REPEAT SAME INFORMATION, DO NOT JUST SAY I AGREE OR THINGS LIKE THAT. YOU NEED TO ADD NEW INFORMATION TO DISCUSSION. 1- Each reply should be at least 200 words. 2- Minimum One scholarly reference ( NO MAYO CLINIC/ AHA) 3- APA 6th edition style needs to be followed. 4- Each response should have reference at the end of each reply 5- Reference should be within last 5 years

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Assignments 1- Answer to Discussion question two. 2- DQ replie
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