What are your thoughts?? There has been a lot of study done

What are your thoughts?? There has been a lot of study done in all fields about the differences between managing and leading. Leadership skills are usually highly praised attributes like being called a visionary or being known as always doing the right thing, while managerial skills are distained as being task oriented and doing things right (Azad, et al., 2017). When, leading and managing are essentially the same concept used to describe different levels of classification related to performance or organizational effectiveness. The skills and ability of leading and managing are necessary to drive a team to successful results. Leadership tends to focus more on the people, while management is more focused on things. A leader will also delegate responsibilities and task, while a manager makes decisions. Leading is more who you are, and managing is how you make use of the resources you have to work with. Leading sets the big goals, while managers carry out the actions to achieve the goals. Where they overlap is in things like optimism, decisiveness, integrity and communication stills. In any successful business, the administrators share the qualities of both leaders and managers.  I am 5 months in a new position since I moved back to my hometown. I am working in PACU. There is only a unit manager. There is no one under her but the nurses working in the unit. So the department manager serves both as the leader and the manager with all the duties of both. To step up, I have begun taking on some of the charge nurse responsibilities on my shift once the other nurses started coming to me with questions and concerns. I take the feedback I get to the unit manager and then disperse information as I am told. I also help oversee the new patients that come in the unit and leave to either discharge or to a room. Like most leaders, I have no real authority, but I have other nurses that have seen my skill set and they have accepted me as a very experienced nurse.

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What are your thoughts?? There has been a lot of study done
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