What are your thoughts?? The most interesting aspect I felt

What are your thoughts?? The most interesting aspect I felt of the readings was the topic of Ethics. I have not been a nurse very long however I have already had many different cases of ethics through nursing school and my brief ICU nursing experience. The book definition of ethics is that it is an “understanding of concepts of right and wrong, principles of moral behavior and the intentions and actions of moral agents (Bogue & Hogan, 2020). Everyone has their own understanding of ethics which is why there are ethical boards in the hospital for those “ethics” cases. It was interesting reading the different views of ethics such as metaethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. Ethics is an important topic and is definitely every nurse encounters in their career. Many of the ethical cases I have experienced have had to do with death and dying. It’s often a hard situation to be in as a nurse because all we want is to help people and make them better so they can come home and continue living their lives. However, I have faced the challenge of having patients being pronounced brain dead yet the family is still debating on how to proceed with care and not wanting to withdraw care despite the medical evidence. This is hard when family members ask why their loved one looks dead after medical diagnosis and prognosis has been given to them. Ethics are important and every nurse or healthcare professional hopefully is aware of what they feel is right and wrong so they are able to respectfully care for all patients in the safest and best way. The readings mention how “in modern society, medicine is often seen as the true savior of life’s ills” (Bogue & Hogan, 2020). I feel that medicine is very important to today’s world because it does help people live longer, have appropriate medical treatment and have resources to encourage and motivate living healthy lifestyles. There is not a cure for every disease which is why we are constantly seeing individual’s die but also that is a part of life’s cycle. Healing can come from medicine but then also it can be empowered by many other outside sources. Those miracles can happen even when medicine did not think it would.

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What are your thoughts?? The most interesting aspect I felt
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