Week 6 Discussion 700

Week 6 Discussion 700

This week’s content introduced the processes involved in creating conceptual meaning. In addition, content related to the relationship between concepts and theory development was presented. Using the assigned readings and your professional experience as a starting point, complete the following. Week 6 Discussion 700

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Week 6 Discussion 700
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Retrieve a published concept analysis or research study that explores either an abstract or concrete concept. Answer the following questions about the article:

  • Why is this an important concept to address?
  • What are the defining characteristics of the concept?
  • What is the conceptual meaning of the concept?
  • Is the conceptual meaning valid and reliable? Provide a supporting rationale.

•             How does, or how might this concept support theory development?


The Abstract Concept of Critical Thinking: Importance, Defining Characteristics, and Conceptual Meaning

A concept can be described as the thinking behind an idea. This idea itself may be abstract or concrete. In the nursing profession, research is the tool that is used to give rationale for every action that is taken in the process of treating and caring for patients. It is also the basis for all rationale attributed to interventions aimed at disease prevention. This is what has come to be known as evidence-based nursing practice (Foley & Davis, 2017). But for any research to be carried out there must first be a concept developed to guide the research, and point it to the direction that it is supposed to follow to come up with the required answers.  This is the thinking behind the research idea. Critical thinking is one of the concepts in nursing practice that is widely used to guide decisions in day-to-day practice. This paper examines an article that discusses the analysis of this concept as it relates to the nursing profession. Week 6 Discussion 700

Why is Critical Thinking an Important Concept to Address?

Critical thinking is about questioning everything and oneself before taking any action. In nursing, it is about asking oneself why one is taking the particular action one is about to take. More importantly, it is about the nurse asking themselves whether it is worthwhile to take that particular action and if it will be helpful and beneficial. The concept of critical thinking can be traced back to the early philosophers and thinkers like Plato and Socrates (Von Colln-Appling & Giuliano, 2017). In nursing, therefore, it is a very important concept to address because it is through questioning that evidence-based nursing practice is entrenched. Week 6 Discussion 700

The Defining Characteristics of Critical Thinking as a Concept

According to Von Colln-Appling and Giuliano (2017), the defining characteristics of critical thinking as a concept are acquisition of knowledge and its application, analysis of present information, informed decision making, and reflection on the decision made. This means for the nurse to be a critical thinker they must first acquire nursing education. This will allow them to analyse information like laboratory results and make informed decisions about what to do in the circumstances. After that they can then reflect on the decision they made and see if it was the best one to make. That is what the concept of critical thinking is about (Von Colln-Appling & Giuliano, 2017),

Conceptual Meaning of Critical Thinking as a Concept

            Critical thinking as a concept means that the underlying principle is that you do not just accept an argument or a conclusion for the sake of it. Rather, you question the basis and rationale of such arguments and conclusions critically before accepting them. The arguments and conclusions must be not only reasonable, but also “well-thought out” and cogent (Carbogim et al., 2016).

Validity, Reliability, and Support for Theory Development of the Conceptual Meaning of Critical Thinking

The conceptual meaning of critical thinking is indeed reliable and valid. This means that any nursing researcher can ask the same question about it, conduct research on it, and still come out with the same identical results as the one that is being discussed here. The rationale to this is that critical thinking will always be defined by knowledge and its application, analysis of results at hand, rational decision making, and reflection of the same. Any researcher who is using this concept as the basis for their research must come up with or acknowledge these characteristics of critical thinking. Critical thinking as a concept supports theory development in that it provides the conceptual framework for the theory. Week 6 Discussion 700


Carbogim, F., & Bertaccini de Oliveira, L., & Püschel, V.A. (2016). Critical thinking : Concept analysis from the perspective of Rodger’s evolutionary method of concept analysis. Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem, 24, e2785. Doi: 10.1590/1518-8345.1191.2785

Foley, A.S., & Davis, A.H. (2017). A guide to concept analysis. Clinical Nurse Specialist. Doi: 10.1097/NUR.0000000000000277

Von Colln-Appling, C., & Giuliano, D. (2017). A concept analysis of critical thinking: A guide for nurse educators. Nurse Education Today, 49, 106-109. Doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2016.11.007

Week 6 Discussion 700


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