History of public health

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History of public health
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Old vs New Public Health Compare and contrast the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ public health. Illustrate your answer with specific examples. Issues you could discuss include:

History of public health

Influence of the biomedical paradigm

Influence of WHO

International developments in public health

Global conferences and charters

Australian developments in public health

Social and ecological determinants of health

Topic A: The Politics of Public Health Discuss how different political systems and ideologies promote particular approaches to public health. Discuss how these systems impact on public health policy and practice. You may like to apply your answer to the Australian context or the context of another country of your choice.

Topic B: Globalisation and Health Explain the concept of ‘globalisation’ and discuss the positive and negative impacts of globalisation on public health, using specific examples to explain your answer.

Topic C: Inequities and Inequalities in Health Discuss the inequalities of health in a population of your choice. Discuss the inequities that have led to these inequalities. Populations you may like to choose could be:

First nations peoples



Rural and remote populations

Topic D: Social Determinants of Health Explain how education is a social determinant of health. How does this affect health outcomes between two population groups? You may choose either to compare groups within one country or between countries.

Topic E: Environmental Determinants of Health Choose a global physical threat and discuss how it relates to population health in both low income countries and high income countries. Examples may include:

Climate and atmospheric change

Declining air and water quality

Loss of biodiversity

Population growth


Topic F: Healthy Individuals Discuss the strengths and weaknesses in using behaviour change to improve public health. Choose a social marketing or a health education campaign to support your perspective. Examples: HIV/AIDS; tobacco; binge drinking; domestic violence; healthy eating and exercise; road safety.

Topic G: Public Policy and Health Choose a public health issue and examine how public policy has evolved to address the issue and/or influence the issue. Some possible issues include:

Gun control

Alcohol and other drugs


Road safety


Physical Activity

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