Urban Health Profile

PDR-275640 Urban Health Profile This is a profile assignment, the writer to follow all instructions on the assignment brief and use this to work on the profile report outline. The writer need to use the links and other sources relating to my assignment.
The Urban Health Profile requires you to focus on two aspects: the practical (observation and collection of data from a local / neighbourhood area of your choice) and the theoretical (informed by the wider literature) work on an urban health issue you choose for this Assessment. You have to choose a relevant urban health issue, choose a local area (neighbourhood) to carry-out the study, and physically observe and collect data from the area for the Profile. You also have to look for scholarly literature published in relation to this urban health issue (this can be about the area and beyond). This literature will inform your analysis and theoretical discussion of the urban health issue and the area studied. 
To prepare this Assessment Component 002 CWK, you have to take note of the following: a) Choose a relevant urban health issue for your Urban Health Profile. This could be the same or different to what you would want to look at for your Final Assessment Component 004 (Final Report). Provide a clear rationale why this is an urban health issue and why you have chosen to study the issue in the selected neighbourhood area. You have to provide clear and full description of the local area (neighbourhood) you have chosen to study. 
b) Present and give an account of the data and information you observed and collected from the local area (or neighbourhood) in relation to the urban health issue you are studying. This could include various aspects in relation to the area and the urban health issue such as size of the area, population, observation on related determinants (factors) that influence the urban health issue, physical facilities or amenities that are relevant to this issue as resources (e.g. parks; gyms; food outlets – corner shops, supermarkets, fresh food markets, restaurants, fast food outlets, community centres, housing and accommodation) and health and social service points relevant to this issue. This part requires you to do a community inventory in relation to the urban health issue you have chosen. You can do this with the help of Google mapping. 
c) Provide an analysis and interpretation of data and information presented in this Profile, commenting on the implications of such data on the urban health issue and population health in the area. In this part, you should be scholarly enough by linking your analysis and interpretation of your local data with the wider literature on this urban health issue. Therefore, you should be able to suggest relevant recommendations and draw conclusions from your analysis and interpretation of the Profile data that are informed by the wider literature on this urban health issue. 
d) The written Urban Health Profile should include: a title – reflecting the urban health issue and local area (neighbourhood) studied; an introduction – signposting the work and providing a description of the urban health issue, the area studied, a clear rationale for choosing to study this issue and the chosen area, including any key issue/s observed or known about the area; presentation and description of data and information collection about the urban health issue and the area; discussion, analysis and interpretation of data and information about the urban health issue and the area chosen (with strong scholarly reference to the widely published literature on this urban health issue); suggested relevant recommendations and conclusion. 6 pages, 25 Harvard

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