the governance structures and systems of accountability in your Health System

40 marks (or 40% of overall result for this course) 
Due Date: Monday 11 September 2017. 
Word limit: 2,500 words. 
The Task: Drawing on the course materials in Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and other relevant sources, you are required to critique the Health System in your own country. 
There are two parts to Assignment 1. Part 1 asks you to provide an overview of your Health System. Part 2 asks you to critique one particular component of your Health System and provide evidenced based recommendations to address that component so as to improve service provision. 
Part One – The Health System 
(1000 to 1500 words, indicative word guide) 
What constitutes the Health System in your country or chosen country – the components of the health system and the key players? 
How are health services delivered within the country to respond to the Burden of Disease in the country? How are urban and rural populations provided with services? Are the services provided equitable? 
What is the role and function of government, the private sector and the informal sector in the provision of health services? 
Outline the governance structures and systems of accountability in your Health System. How do the various players relate to each other i.e. what structures of communication, regulation and oversight are in place? 
How is the Health Sector financed in your Health System – government funding sources, out of pocket expenses, Health Insurance schemes, external donor support? 
How are Human Resources organized, trained, distributed and retained in an equitable fashion? 
Part Two – Critique of the Health System 
(1000 to 1500 words, indicative word guide) 
In Part Two of Assignment 1 you are asked to undertake a critique of your Health System. Specifically you are asked to select only one of the following four components of the Health System: 
Health System Financing 
Human Resources for Health 
Health Information Systems 
Governance in Health Systems 
You are required to critique in greater detail only this component of your Health System (from the four, above). In your critique outline what works and why does it work; what doesn’t work and why doesn’t it work, in your chosen component of the Health System. Outline recommendations as to how you would make changes to ensure better health outcomes to Health Services to currently underserved groups and populations. Support your critique and changes with evidence from the country, the region or other parts of the world. 
It is recommended that you make use of subheadings in your assignment so your assignment is easier to follow.

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the governance structures and systems of accountability in your Health System
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