Administrative Components Policy Regulation Organisation

The PRECEDE-PROCEED Model; For Health Promotion Planning, Implementation & Evaluation Specifically guides health promotion initiatives and services for the community It has nine Phases; Phase 1: Social Diagnosis • Collecting community data on Quality of Life Absenteeism Crime Performance Unemployment Phase 2: Epidemiological diagnoses collecting health data • Vital Indicators Disability Morbidity Mortality • Dimensions Distribution Incidence Prevalence Phase 3: Behavioural and environmental data collection • Behavioural indicators Compliance Consumption Utilisation • Dimensions Frequency Quality/Range • Environmental indicators Economic Physical Social • Dimensions Access Affordability Equity Phase 4: Educational and organisational data collection • Predisposing Factors Knowledge Attitudes Beliefs Values • Reinforcing Factors Attitudes and behaviour of health and other personnel, peers, parents, employers, etc. • Enabling Factors Availability of resources Accessibility Referrals Skills Phase 5: Administrative and policy diagnosis • Health Education Components Individual Group Community • Administrative Components Policy Regulation Organisation • Part of this phase is prioritisation of needs. Once we have gathered data on all these aspects of a community we need to prioritise needs and act on these priorities in order to plan health promotion strategies aimed at empowering a community towards achievement of better health • Understand processes involved in prioritisation of community health needs • How do we decide which needs are targeted by primary health care services and health promotion programmes? Prioritisation Depends on; • Scale of need – According to community – Policy makers – Health professionals • Feasibility to meet those needs – Resources available – Skills, money, time etc Phase 6: Implementation Actual carrying out of the health promotion programme • Strategies • Marketing Health Promotion Evaluation • Hawe, Degeling and Hall (1990) “ involves measurement and observation and comparison with some criterion or standard.” Evaluation tries to answer the questions: • What difference has a particular health promotion program made? • What changes in health status has it produced? Phase 7: Process Evaluation What went right in the implementation? What could be changed for next time? Number of people who attended Number of pamphlets taken Number of samples taken

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Administrative Components Policy Regulation Organisation
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