Drworming Campaign Among Under-privileged Communities in Bangladesh

Drworming Campaign Among Under-privileged Communities in Bangladesh – Ethical Assignment

When thinking about and designing health promotion projects you must first identify the people you’d like to work with and reflect on why. What do you know about their culture, ethnicity, desires, concerns, challenges? Are they children, teens, adults, or elderly or a
combination of ages? Are they an especially vulnerable population like the homeless, irregular migrants, or imprisoned? To them what is the major health concern? How are they understanding it? What kinds of health promotion have worked what haven’t? What’s been tried? And so on. It is only once we have come to understand the particular context that we can design a health promotion project appropriate to its needs.

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Drworming Campaign Among Under-privileged Communities in Bangladesh
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1)Please describe the PEOPLE you aim to create a health promotion campaign/ health activism campaign for. Reflect on their context and culture.

2)What is the health concern your campaign will target? What evidence exists that this is a health concern worthy of spending resources

3)What has been tried before for this group of people and/or this health concern?

4)What do you aim to do? This is the intervention – something that aims to empower people to have more control over their health, reduce health inequalities, or address the social determinants of health. It might be that you choose a health education approach, community activism, traditional settings based approach etc. Whatever you choose it is important to reflect on WHY. Please include reflections on methods and theory that might support your work. What evidence is there that this is a useful thing to do?

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