Review the Action Culture of Inquiry presentation

EBML and Action Research
Unit 8

EBML requires that decision makers consider a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methods that scientists use to gather evidence. Increasingly, Action Research is becoming an important approach to acquiring evidence in a widening array of academic and professional disciplines, including health administration research. To effectively implement an Action Research project, scientists and scholars must be capable of establishing a culture of inquiry. After reviewing the link concerning the cultural challenges of implementing an Action Research approach, you are to write a 4–5-page scholarly paper describing the leadership and management challenges associated with supporting or sustaining an Action Research project in a health care setting. The assignment must demonstrate academic writing skills by communicating in a clear, logical, and grammatically correct manner. Complete your assignment by doing the following:
1.Review the Action Culture of Inquiry presentation.
2.Briefly review the scholarly literature and the cultural issues surrounding the adoption and implementation of an evidence-based approach to management.
3.Describe the leadership and management challenges associated with implementing an Action Research project in a health care setting.
4.Be sure to answer the following question in your paper: Do barriers exist in the health and medical community to adopting the results of an Action Research project? If so, identify one barrier and one solution.

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Review the Action Culture of Inquiry presentation
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EBML Analysis
Unit 10

For this scholarly research paper, please write 15–20 pages with scholarly references on the following:
1.Review the literature on the history of evidence based management.
2.Compare the practice of EBML in non-health care and health care professions.
3.Present an argument for or against the continued adoption of EBML in health care based on both scholarly research and practitioner perspectives (include cultural and ethnic perspectives).
4.Identify a health care leader and discuss the practice of EBML in health care.
5.Summarize the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with utilizing an EBML approach.
6.Finally, based on your analysis of EBML in health care, present a well reasoned, evidence based argument, accepting or rejecting the following null hypothesis:

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