Private health insurance customers

You must use the template provided WITHOUT ALTERATION in order to complete this assessment item. Marks will be lost in the “Communication” criterion (see Marking Criteria below) if the template is not used as per the instructions or if it is altered in any way.

Analyse, Research and Write the Issue Brief (1200 words maximum) as per the instructions in the Background Scenario you have chosen to do 
This is an ‘Authentic Assessment’ – Word limits are strictly enforced and marking will stop once the word limit has been reached. In the work environment, non-complying briefs are returned to the author to be made compliant with style guide requirements including word limits. This makes synthesis of evidence key. Remember, Briefing Notes such as this are by necessity short and accurate. They are often used to form ‘talking points’ for politicians and executives who are attending meetings or for comments to the media. 
You may not use ANY appendices.

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Private health insurance customers
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Private health insurance customers have been invited by the Federal Health Minister to weigh in on reforms to the industry following complaints insurers are not providing “value for money”. The Minister of Health has previously stated that the public would be able to submit their views about their insurance schemes to the government in the coming weeks to inform future policies on the sector. The Minister is on record as saying that it is important to recognise that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the value for money or lack thereof they are currently receiving from their private health insurance products,” she said. The Minister has asked for a Briefing on the likely issues that will emerge when she faces a press conference about this in the near future. As background, some media outlets are already reporting on likely private health insurance increases and questioning the value of private health insurance. As well as briefing the Minister on the issues of increases in premiums and value for money, there is a specific request that the briefing contains evidence-based comment on the consequences of the decline in health insurance rates on public hospitals and health services.

Some media and departmental background documents have particularly concerned and interested the Minister:*-h199ru*-p50iuv.html*-grl2y1.html

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