Prevalence, trends and history of public health


Required topic: public health issue “Alcoholism”

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Prevalence, trends and history of public health
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The research paper is for clinical laboratory science. It must include history, causation, clinical lab tests available to diagnose, monitor and treat, test specificity; prevention and control (or lack thereof) of alcoholism. The paper will include an evaluation of clinical diagnostic risk markers available to improve disease detection. Also, the research paper should include current research on clinical diagnostic disease indicators available to prevent disease, hasten diagnosis and monitor treatment and advance knowledge of public health challenge.

The paper must include a review of current research on alcoholism, which will entail reviewing and summarizing 4-5 recent research articles addressing the topic (required). Evaluate the implications of each research study, summarize the value of the research findings and implications for future research

Suggested websites that include clinical laboratory research topics:

  • (Clinical Laboratory Science ASCLS Publication)
    • Laboratory Medicine (ASCP Publication)


Category 1: Purpose of the Paper

Does the introduction provide sufficient context, background and overview of the public health problem?

Goal: The writer’s central purpose in writing paper is readily apparent to reader.

Category 2: Review of the Current Literature

Has writer included a sufficient review of literature to accurately summarize scope of the public health problem?

Goal: There is a balanced presentation of relevant information that clearly shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the public health topic. Reader of research paper gains insights on the public health topic being discussed.

Category 3: Organization

The paper is well organized.

Goal: The ideas are arranged logically to support the purpose of the paper. Ideas flow smoothly from one to another and are linked to each other.

Goal: The reader can follow the line of reasoning and the ideas are well-presented.

Category 4: Discussion

The discussion of the public health problem thoroughly and succinctly elaborated. Goal: The reader gains a broader perspective of the public health problem from several vantage points at conclusion of reading paper.

Category 5: Conclusions

The writer goes beyond summarizing public health problem and goes on to draw plausible conclusionsregarding future implications of public health problem. The writer’s conclusions are original and well-thought out.

Goal: The reader gains an understanding of ways this public health problem might be eradicated or minimized in the future.

Category 6: Composition, Documentation and Formatting Protocols

The writing is effective, accurate and original.

Goal: The writing is well-formatted, grammatically correct and completely original.

Category 7 References

Compelling evidence from references cited supports writer’s assertions regarding public health problem.

Goal: All references utilized in research paper cited.

Category 8 Current Research:

Writer refers to at least four research studies pertaining to the topic including research findings and discussing future implications for addressing public health problem which arose from research findings.

Goal: The reader is thoroughly convinced from research studies described in paper that public health problem is being investigated and possible solutions to public health problem are being formulated. This is required component and counts for 20% of paper grade.

Some additional Paper Content:

  • Public health prevention/education efforts underway to address this topic: Are there government educational programs or other programs in place to try to solve alcoholism?
  • Prevalence, trends and history of public health significance of alcoholism.
  • Societal ramifications of alcoholism (past, present and future)
  • What occurrences accompanied its emergence as a big public health problem? Was it always such a big problem or has it evolved into one recently? Has it lessened in it its significance as a public health challenge due to containment efforts?
  • Any factors that contributed to the emergence of alcoholisminto the forefront of public health.
  • What diagnostic test methods exist to facilitate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of conditions related to alcoholism? Though the clinical diagnostic dimension is only a part of the broad public health topic selected, it should be addressed in the paper.
  • How do the clinical laboratory data and diagnostic test methods related to alcoholismhasten its detection/identification, treatment and prevention?

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