establish the rate of Hepatitis C prevalence in Pakistan

Masters in Public Health (Public Health Practice). 10 PPT slides needed. No Speaking notes required.
Order Topic: establish the rate of Hepatitis C prevalence in Pakistan for a health care setting. Introduction Background aim of study methodology progress up to now preliminary finding
Instruction:1. This presentation is for my final project of standard pathway, i send you sample of presentation, please try to cover all questions which mention in slides.2. I don’t need with speech.3. References must be put in bottom of every slide which is shown in sample presentation.4. I upload also my project proposal read carefully.



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establish the rate of Hepatitis C prevalence in Pakistan
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NAME: Afaq Saleem
STUDENT ID: s5008235
SEMESTER: Trimester 2EMAIL: 2017
PROJECT TITLE: Hepatitis C prevention methods for a health care settings in Pakistan.
WORK FORMAT:(e.g. literature review, project plan, analysis of data set, systematic review, field work etc.)
FINAL REPORT FORMAT:(e.g. manuscript for journal, evaluation report etc.)
ETHICAL CLEARANCEIf this project involves the use of animals or experiments on human subjects, University ethical clearance must be obtained by the student. Guidelines are available from the office of research.Ethics application has been submitted/approvedEthics application to be submittedNot applicable


Background informationWhat are the key concepts and facts that the reader must know to fully understand the rest of the proposal and judge the value of the proposed research?
RationaleTherationaleincludes the (1) reasons for focusing on your stated aims, objectives, and hypotheses/research question(s) and (2) reasons for choosing the materials and methods you propose to use; (3) significance of your proposed project for knowledge and practice
Aim or research question and objectivesThe aim or question that will guide your study.Provide a clear statement of the specific objectives to be accomplished in order to reach the aim of the study.
Methods or implementation strategies that you plan to useDescribe the methods you will use to achieve your research aim or answer research question(s).
Resources requiredIdentify resources required to complete the project e.g. access to GU library databasesNB. Resources must be existing University, Health Group and School resources (or workplace/host institution).
Activities timelineOutline the specific activities and tasks required to complete the project and indicate a timeframe for the work required to complete the report and meet submission requirements.


SUPERVISOR AGREEMENT:Name of principal supervisor:Campus address (or host institution address if an external supervisor):e-mail:I agree to supervise this 20 CP Public Health Practice project and will be available throughout the semester to provide advice on student progress. I have received the marking criteria and description of assessments and I am familiar with the requirements.Signature: ______________________ Date: ______________Note: The course convenor will be the assessor of the final report.
CO-SUPERVISOR AGREEMENT (if applicable)You need an internal co-supervisor only if your principal supervisor is external otherwise mark as N/A.Name of co-supervisor:Campus address (or host institution address if an external supervisor):e-mail:I agree to supervise this 20 CP Public Health Practice project and will be available throughout the semester to provide advice on student progress. I have received the marking criteria and description of assessments and I am familiar with the requirements.Signature: ______________________ Date: ______________Note: The course convenor will be the assessor of the final report.
STUDENTS DECLARATION:By signing below I confirm that:• I understand the requirements of the work to be undertaken for this course;• I agree with the supervision arrangements;• It is my responsibility to keep the course convenor up to date regarding my progress and inform about any issues should they arise;• I am aware that the report produced in this course must be my own original work.Signature: __Afaq Saleem___________________ Date: ____21/7/2018__________
COURSE CONVENOR APPROVALProject Proposal Approved Yes Revisions neededComments:Signature of Course Convenor: ______________________ Date: ______________

Background Information

Hepatitis C is a viral infection affecting many people resulting in critical health problems and thus the need for health interventions to curb high prevalence cases. The infection in Pakistan remains one of the highest and prevalent one in the world calling for strategic measures to curb the trend. This proposal aims at outlining measures and standards on various interventions that have been proved through research to effectively address the high prevalent cases. Further, come up with intervention measures on how to bring down the rates of infections. Critical considerations will be made to the public health interventions, community health setting and health systems intervention measures within the Pakistan context.

Health issues are best addressed when a study is conducted based on a specific area of research to acquire facts and issues within the scope. This gives a clear and comparative aspect of the study to come up with accurate and strategic findings to address the main study objective. The need for addressing Hepatitis C infection in Pakistan is the fact that health interventions are necessary and cannot be effective with a clear understanding of factual issues on the ground or area of study. This research proposal will establish the increased prevalence of Hepatitis C in Pakistan and create measures for health interventions to address the disparity in the health care settings.


The study rationale is based on the need for understanding the high prevalence cases of Hepatitis C in Pakistan and come up with preventative measures to curb the spread. The reason for outlining the three objectives is based on the need for effectively understanding the status of Hepatitis C in Pakistan as documented in credible and reliable sources. Further, evaluate what causes or the factors behind the increased prevalence in order to come up with strategic measures to bring down the infections.

The reason for choosing materials already published is based on the lack of sufficient time to conduct a comprehensive study on the actual facts on Hepatitis C in Pakistan health care settings. Further, by utilising already existing research findings gives a wider scope of analysis to come up with comprehensive findings on how to effectively address the increased prevalence.

The significance of the study is that it will effectively help health experts to come up with health interventions and critical measures to curb the high prevalence of Hepatitis C in Pakistan. Further, give the health practitioners and community social workers the basis on which to ground their intervention measures from a community setting to address the spread of the infection. Finally, the findings will give government authorities on the best approaches to be funded for Hepatitis C prevention and critically address the increased prevalence.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the study is to outline preventative measures for Hepatitis C within Pakistan health settings. Increased emphasis will be placed on coming up with findings on the contribution of health professionals and health intervention strategies to address the high prevalent cases of Hepatitis C in Pakistan.

The specific objectives of the study will be;

  1. To establish the rate of Hepatitis C prevalence in Pakistan.
  2. To evaluate critical interventions and strategic measures that can be utilised in the curb of Hepatitis C spread in Pakistan.
  • To give recommendations on the health intervention measures to promote health issues and curb the high prevalence of Hepatitis C in Pakistan.

Methods or Implementation Strategies

Health issues and status within Pakistan have been documented in the health systems records, health ministry, research and learning institutions. To critically meet the research objectives, the study will utilise a descriptive method to evaluate the condition of Hepatitis C prevalence in Pakistan and establish probable interventions within the health care settings. This will involve record assessments, review and analysis of already existing and published materials to acquire secondary data to answer the research questions.

The most critical aspect of the research approach is to address how to effectively curb the increased prevalence which will be addressed by understanding the current health status in Pakistan and the prevailing situation. Further, after understanding the prevailing situation, critical consideration will be given to the manner in which health experts and community workers will be charged with the responsibility of promoting prevention strategies recommended. The findings will give strategic recommendations aimed at addressing the specific cases of Hepatitis c in Pakistan giving a much more strategic area of coverage.

Resources Required

Health databases like CINAHL and MEDLINE will be utilised alongside the Library database services to access credible materials addressing the research objectives. Key words will be utilised in the search for materials with credible findings and secondary data to answer the research questions. The use of inclusion and exclusion criteria will give the opportunity to sieve and acquire the most appropriate materials for the study and come up with findings that are in line with the research aims and objectives. The key words will involve Hepatitis C, Pakistan, Prevention methods and health care settings. The exclusion will involve by first evaluating the material’s title to establish its effectiveness in meeting study objectives and all those addressing Hepatitis C in Pakistan included. A further analysis of the abstract and introduction will be done to establish the specific sources addressing effective preventative measures to the curb of Hepatitis C in Pakistan.

Activities Timeline

The study will involve various activities commencing with the study proposal and culminating with a research findings report on the objectives outlined. The research is expected to cover various aspects of Hepatitis C involving prevalence, spread and intervention measures within the Pakistan health care settings. Further, the project will be based on secondary findings from already existing materials.

The project is to be undertaken in a period of four months involving the preliminary review and proposal writing, material search, data collection and analysis, and finally the report compiling and recommendations.

Timeframe for the Research Study: July to October 2017

JulyResearch proposal writing:- aims, objectives and research methods.
July-AugustMaterial search and methodology outline.
SeptemberData collection and analysis
SeptemberCompiling of research findings and recommendations to the study.

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