Identify three health challenges which could be evident for refugees or migrants when arriving in Australia

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Identify three health challenges which could be evident for refugees or migrants when arriving in Australia
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1. Identify a service that is currently provided by Government funding. There are some

Victorian ones listed here and Federal ones here

(service identified for 1 mark) 
If this funding was cut or reduced, list three immediate impacts to health care delivery in Australia. 
( Three (3) impacts listed for 3 marks)

2. With a focus on your local area, 
a) List four health care service options available within the region (1mark for each service listed) 
b) What are three (3) strengths and three (3) weakness associated with two (2) of these local health care system? 
(For two (2) of the health services listed , three (3) weaknesses and three (3) strengths are listed for a possible 12 marks)

3. Identify a current health care issue within your local area and give a brief description in regards to:

a) Why is it a current health care issue? (2 marks for explanation)

b) Has there been any policy/legislation development regarding this issue? (Policy named for 1 mark)

c) Do you consider it is effective? ( Relevant discussion of opinion for 2 marks) (50-100 word total)

4. What is the definition of health according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)? (Accurate definition in students own words for 1 mark)

5. The values and philosophical underpinnings of primary health care emphasise the social determinants of health and guide and inform policy, planning, governance and service provision. In your own words, outline the seven principles of primary health care. (One sentence for each principle) (1 mark for each of the seven (7) principles and must be in students own words)

6. Healthcare services are classified into three levels. List the three levels and define the purpose of each level. (3 marks for three (3) levels listed and three (3) marks for definition of purpose)

7. There are numerous health and illness issues facing people from other countries and cultures other than Australia.

a) Identify three health challenges which could be evident for refugees or migrants when arriving in Australia. 
( Three (3) health challenges identified – 1 mark each)

b) List two services that could be provided to address these challenges. (Two (2) services provided, listed for 2 marks- 1 mark for each))

8. Mr Wong has been admitted to hospital. You are working through your general admission questions and he has informed you that he is currently taking multiple traditional Chinese medicines that he takes on a regular basis. 
What is your role as an EN if you come across this situation? (Explanation of your role discussed correctly for two (2) marks) Total 20-30 words.

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