Compare the role that nutrition plays in the development of diabetes and of cancer

  1. Compare the role that nutrition plays in the development of diabetes and of cancer.
  2. Describe a nutritionally related hypertension prevention program.
  3. Explain the potential changes in the composition of the elderly population in the future. What health and social policy implications do these changes have?
  4. Discuss strategies to address the prevention or control of the health effects associated with water pollution downstream from a pulp mill.
  5. Discuss the steps needed to identify E.coli within a local community water system. What roles do the provincial regulatory bodies play in assisting the local community?
  6. Compare the three fundamental functions (steering, collaboration and support, and lead agency) of the provincial health system in support of local environmental health programs.
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of provincial versus federal government leadership in environmental health services, programs, and policies.
  8. Discuss primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of injuries.
  9. Identify four methods of preventing or controlling occupational health problems, rank them in order of priority, and explain your rationale for the priorities.
  10. Develop a strategy focusing health promotion efforts on employees in the workplace as a means of improving the health of workers.
  11. Describe the appropriate local or regional approach to a warning from Health Canada about an outbreak.
  12. Describe the role of surveillance in Public Health and program planning.

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