Examine the role of nurses with the key role for providing interventions for those with your chosen health need

For this assessment you will need to choose an illness or health need for which there is anincreasing burden of disease when compared to several generations ago (such as cardiovasculardisease, diabetes, dementia, chronic pain, cancer). If you are unsureof what to choose, pleasecheck with your tutorvia brightspace (you can choose to post anonymously).Explore the nature and extent of the health need’s impact upon the Australian health care system,health economy and nursing (has this lead to specialist nurses? Or a new type of nurse?Has thenursing role changed in this area over the last 100 years?). Consider changes to health caredelivery or health care policy which have met the impact of the increasing need, and the influencethis has had on society.Examine the role of nurses with the key rolefor providing interventions for those with your chosenhealth need, and discuss their key competencies with reference to the NMBA Standards forPractice for registered nurses.Exploreprofessional organisations available to supportregisterednursesin their practice, and how their practice/role differs from other members of the health careteam in supporting people with your chosen health care need.Finally, elaborate on your paper by discussing your expectations for how this area of nursing willlook in 2050. Consider factors such as the predicted nursing shortage in Australia, the agingpopulation, predicted number of people with your chosen healthcondition (and their diseaseburden) and social and politicalfactors.

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Examine the role of nurses with the key role for providing interventions for those with your chosen health need
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