Review the different videos available, and select one that illustrates one of the global health challenges addressed

To prepare for this Discussion, go to . In the search bar, enter one of the following organizations plus a health topic (identified in your Learning Resources this week).

CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) 
WHO (World Health Organization) 
IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross) 
UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) 
UNAIDS (United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS) 
VOA (Voice of America) 
MSF (Doctors Without Borders) 
TED talks (TED is a non-profit organization that brings technology, entertainment and design together to spread ideas) 
Review the different videos available, and select one that illustrates one of the global health challenges addressed in your Learning Resources this week.

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Review the different videos available, and select one that illustrates one of the global health challenges addressed
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By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

Select one online video from one of the organizations identified.

Paste the url link to your selected video, in the  space provided, so your classmates can also view the YouTube video you  selected.

Prepare a short description of the health issue covered in the YouTube video. Be sure to include the location and population affected.

Identify as much as you can about the impact of the health issue.

What is the sponsoring organization profiled in the YouTube media, and what are they doing to assist with the public/global health issue?

How is it related to our class resources this week?  Share your personal reaction to the media and public health topic you  are reporting on.

While it is acceptable to use the same public health issue or topic, please make an effort to not report on the same exact media example as a classmate .  Be sure to include the link to the YouTube video clip, in the space  provided, so others in the class can view it when they reply to your  discussion post.

Apa format with In-text Citation included. 300-350 words

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