Describe the general employment trends in the health care sector

Sixth Week Assignment • Textbook: Introduction to Health Services, 7TH Edition by Williams & Torrens Publisher: Thomson Delmar ISBN: 978-1-4180-1289-2

1. Read Chapter 12 on your Textbook: Pages 266 to 294 2. Answer The following question base in this chapter: CHAPTER 12: Health Care Professionals 1. Describe the general employment trends in the health care sector. 2. Discuss some of the reasons there may be a physician shortage rather than a surplus. 3. Describe the geographic distribution of physicians across the United States. In addition, list the governmental initiatives taken to improve physician distribution. 4. Discuss the role of osteopathic medicine in the United States. 5. Describe the role of public health professionals. 6. What factors contribute to the nursing shortage? 7. Discuss trends in the pharmacy profession. 8. Discuss the issues associated with the use of physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

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Describe the general employment trends in the health care sector
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1. Read Chapter 14 on your Textbook: Pages 307 to 320 2. Answer the following question base in this chapter: CHAPTER 14: The Quality of Health Care 1. What is quality? 2. How do we measure quality? 3. Define structure, process, and outcome in the context of quality assurance. 4. What are the six possible interventions to improve adoption of improved treatment practices? 5. Describe the taxonomy of quality-improvement strategies. 6. What types of disparities exist within the U.S. health care system, and how can we eliminate them? 7. What are report cards? 8. Describe the improvements that can be made to increase the quality of health care services.

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