Public Health Care issues Raised in our text HealthCare

Public Health Care issues Raised in our text HealthCare Delivery in the US Identify a current public health care issue raised in our text that affects you or someone you know. Public health care issues can be, for example, related to: clean air and water, vaccinations, communicable diseases, traffic safety, healthy food, gun use, birth control, birth defects, smoking, school lunches, and recreation opportunities, such as sufficient parks and bike paths. Define the public health issue you choose and the public policy about this concern. Describe how this issue is addressed, whether federally, by states, locally, or by private groups, or by some combination of these. If this particular issue is relevant to only certain locations or handled differently in different areas, explain this variance. How are various entities responsible for and address (or don’t) the problem and the difficulties involved? Conclude with your analysis on the importance of the issue, and, propose how the issue might be better addressed. Include at least 3 sources to support your analysis and recommendations. 3 pages, 3 APA 20.70 Health disparities refer to the differences in the quality of the healthcare services across the different populations. Health disparity results due to difference in several factors, which are beyond the rich of human influence. Disparity refers to some kind of social injustice that happens with respect to the health services amongst the different individuals in the given society (Kawachi, Subramanian,& Almeida-Filho, 2002). Some section of the society will have access to all the types of healthcare services, and other section of the society will have access to only limited types of healthcare services. As a result, people with limited access will suffer, and their life will be endangered more in comparison with those who have access to all the types of healthcare services. And, disparity is not only limited to access to healthcare services, but it is also related to the difference in the health outcomes and difference in the way people approach for several healthcare services. Such disparities are observed amongst different race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and others.


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Public Health Care issues Raised in our text HealthCare
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