Describe examples of effective polices, services, or programs that apply to your selected problem

Week 5 Written Assignment -Essential Public Health Services

Week 5 Written Assignment – Essential Public Health Services

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Describe examples of effective polices, services, or programs that apply to your selected problem
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Make sure all of these instructions are followed carefully and exactly.

Select a population health problem you are interested in and about which you feel passionately (please use the Affordable Care Act). Discuss how each of the 10 Essential Public Health Services listed here: ( contribute to solving your selected significant public health problem.

Describe examples of effective polices, services, or programs that apply to your selected problem.

Provide a summary of how all 10 Essential Public Health Services working together form a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. One place to look for significant population health problems is the CDC Winnable Battles campaign.

My personal views are AGAINST the ACA and paper should be written as such.

***Cite at least 10 scholarly references. APA format!

1,000-1,500 words 6-7 pages minimum.Double-space, 12 pt font. Cite references in APA Style</pstyle=”margin-bottom:>

General Grading Rubric for Written Assignments (for assignments without a specific rubric)

Each written assignment will be evaluated in the following manner:

  • 10% for proper use of grammar and spelling. Students should aim for having perfect spelling and grammar.
  • 30% for organization. The paper should have a logical organization for the concepts and arguments presented. There should be a thesis statement or several statements outlining the goals of the paper and the achievement of these goals should be apparent throughout the final text.
  • 10% for APA format. Please use this format for the title page, citations and reference lists. Contact the Benedictine University’s Student Success Center for writing assistance.
  • 50% for content and clarity. The content of the paper should be clear and it should be apparent to the reader that the questions posed or the defined task has been undertaken as described by the original instructions. It should also be clear that students utilized the information referenced from the sources cited and the textbook readings. Vague and generalized statements should be avoided.</pstyle=”margin-bottom:>View less »

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