Wording the Speech

Answer each question. Adapted from Chapter 13 (p. 238-253) of your text.

  1. What is the difference between the denotation and the connotation of a word?
  2. Why is incorrect grammar a handicap for a speaker?
  3. Attempting imagery – Choose a photo and describe the photo by using imagery (words that evoke mental pictures or images ). Include the photo you are describing. Be sure to cite your source of the photo in APA format.
  4. In restaurants, diners are more likely to select a dish if the menu describes it in appetizing terms, such as “topped with zesty garlic butter.”  Create a list of at least five phrases that you believe make food more appealing. Make the descriptions as tempting as possible.
  5. What has inflated language? Give an example.
  6. Considering why is it important to paint vivid images for your audience, use descriptive words, or use of statistics? Compare and contrast descriptive words and supportive sources to convey the information to the audience. 

To submit the assignment: Save as the following LastNameFirstNameInitial_WordingSpeech.docx or .doc or .pdf. Example: if Jane Doe were to complete this assignment, my file name would be DoeJ_WordingSpeech.docx

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Wording the Speech
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