factors for measuring quality of healthcare and importance of bell-shaped

Today, healthcare department need to make improvement in their quality of services. It is because humans are much conscious for their health and also need quality treatment. In this paper, factors for measuring quality of healthcare and importance of bell-shaped curved is identified. Along with this, researcher has also discussed the acceptable and unacceptable behavior of human and recommendations for quality delivery.

Measuring Quality of Healthcare

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factors for measuring quality of healthcare and importance of bell-shaped
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Quality of healthcare can be measured by analyzing the people and number of health problems in different countries. Countries have increased the tools and techniques in order to identify the current and optimal level of health care services and performance of healthcare department. Research and Development helps the healthcare department and practitioners to measure the cost effective and accurate methods of measuring the quality of healthcare (Shiver & Eitel, 2012). Moreover, it also recommends the methods to make improvement in the level of health care quality.Document Preview:

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