NUR 4030 Scholarly Finance paper-30 points (Individual Assignment)

Using a minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles, discuss financial factors that influence health care today. Include funding sources, reimbursement methods, economic factors, business influences, and cost containment. Paper should be 3-5 pages in length (not counting cover sheet or reference page) and be in APA format.   This paper is a comprehensive view of the business of healthcare. 

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§  Some questions to consider:

§  Is there a relationship between socioeconomic status and health/health outcomes? 

§  Is health care a right or a privilege?

§  Is the Affordable Care Act the answer for Americans?

§  What is the fiscal responsibility in the role of the nurse today?

§  In an ideal world, what would your health care vision for America look like?

Grading Rubric for Scholarly Paper

  Amount of InformationAll topics are addressed and all questions fully answered.All topics are addressed and most questions fully answered.All topics are addressed, and most questions partially answered.One or more topics were not addressed or completely answered.
Quality of InformationInformation clearly relates to the main topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.Information clearly relates to the main topic. It provides supporting details/examples.Information clearly relates to the main topic. A few details and/or examples are given.Information has little or nothing to do with the main topic.
If you need help in these sections, (Organizations, Sources, and Mechanics), please consult the writing lab. OrganizationInformation is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs.Information is organized with well-constructed paragraphs.There is an attempt at organization but errors exist.The information or overall structure appears to be disorganized.
SourcesAll sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in the desired APA format.Many sources (information and graphics) are documented in the desired APA format.A few sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in the desired APA format.Some sources are not accurately documented.  Major APA deficiencies.
MechanicsNo grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.Almost no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.A few grammatical spelling or punctuation errors.Many grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.
Total30 Possible Points

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