American Government FINAL

(Here are the directions for the Final paper that is due on “Police Militarization” that you just completed for me.)*** CAN YOU PLEASE SUBMIT A ROUGH DRAFT BY 6-13-20, THE FINAL DRAFT IS NOT DUE UNTIL 6-19-20***Framework of the paper and the questions your paper should answer:I.       Literature Review of the Issue:What has been written about the issue/problem/policy/ program?II.      So What: What are the policy implications?What is the need this policy is attempting to fill?Why is it important?III.    Where did the policy interact with the public through public opinion?IV.     What were some of the discussions in the State legislature (if state law) or Congress (if federal law)?What statute is this law/policy attached to?V.      Who are the Identified stakeholders?Who/what stands to gain from this policy?Who/what stands to be negatively affected by this policy?VI.     What do the Courts have to say?Was this law challenged in the courts? If yes, what did the courts say about this law?VII.    Where is the policy now?What are some of its successes or failures?How is it being implemented in the states?*Note: In every section, consider the ethical and moral implications and make connections to the Christian world view.

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American Government FINAL
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