Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Marketing

MKT-315-Introduction to Marketing

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Introduction to Marketing
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In 100 words each, kindly help respond to the 6 peer posts


Assessment Description

Watch the video “Sales Management.” Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of personal selling when compared to other forms of marketing communications. Discuss the role a sales manager plays in improving the overall performance of sales people. In replies to peers, discuss whether you prefer personal selling or other forms of marketing communications and explain why.

Kaylin Stanley

Jan 9, 2023, 3:10 PM

The strengths of the personal selling are that you can persuade the customer to buy something. Another strength of personal selling is you get feedback right away. You can even show the product and how well it works to help sell it. The disadvantages of personal selling you have to have training and experience to get the job. You must be effective skills for selling. The role of a sales manager for improving how the sells are going. The sales manager must use customer feedback as a tool to help fix any issues that may need work on. Overall I think that I prefer advertising way to sell products. Since everything now is mostly since through video it seems like the best option when promoting a new product


Yulisa Gutierrez-Medina

Jan 9, 2023, 8:36 AM

Personal selling is something the sales person has to be careful with when you are talking to the consumer any facial or eye rolling will trigger the customer. The sales person must maintain professional even at the hard moments thats is when the sales management steps in and helps their employee with further discussion. There is also great things about being a sales person you are able to connect with other people, be able to give that consumer a deal of their lifetime and want to continue to come back to you for further assistance. A sales manager improves the overall performance of their employees by helping the sales representative when they are not promoting something correctly, guiding the sales representative when something is getting escalated, or even also helping the sales representative how to get a good sale out giving them key points. Having to be a sales manager there has to be precautions that you have to rake because you are your employees role model whatever you do they will do as well.


Erica Tubens

Jan 9, 2023, 8:37 PM

Professor and class,

Personal selling is a method used to complete a transaction for products and/or services. One benefit to personal selling is the personalized, one-on-one attention for customers who have specific needs or questions. An example of this is something I experience often at work when I approach a customer who is looking for a specific item. Working at a jewelry company, its common that I get customers who are looking for gifts for loved ones during special occasions or even a “just because” gift to themselves.

A downside to personal selling is the lack of trust people have in salespeople (depending on the market), and the poor reputation that many salespeople face. One of these assumptions against salespeople is that they are trying to upsell items/services to meet sales goals and hit commission. Another common assumption is that salespeople are dishonest.

I prefer personal selling when I am shopping for something specific, whether for me or for someone else. But when I am casually shopping, I like to be left alone and not helped by a salesperson. These are things salespeople learn to gauge as they talk with people and learn about the reason behind why the customer is shopping, and if they have any questions or need help.



Assessment Description

View “The Global Environment for Marketing.” As the marketer for Create Cookbooks, you have been tasked to expand the target market from a local to global presence. Currently, the company cookbooks have sold well at local bookstores, kitchen stores, and community college campuses. Describe a strategy that would enable your company to successfully market the product to an international audience. In replies to peers, discuss additional components that could be applied to make the strategy more effective.

Yakima Eatman

The international audience is not yet up to date with the internet so sometimes it is hard for them to trust different websites. Just having a digital market strategy doesn’t guarantee you success in the international arena. If you want your digital marketing strategy to bring results you expect need to approach it carefully and methoducally.

These are some strategies you use to enable your company to successfully market the cookbook to an international audience.

Here are some strategies:

  • 1.  Exporting involves marketing the products you produce in the countries in which you intend to sell them.
  • 2. Piggybacking If your company has contacts who work for organizations that currently sell products overseas, you may want to consider piggybacking.
  • 3. Countertrade
  • 4. Licensing
  • 5. Joint ventures

As we know cookbooks are sold in many places, a good strategy for a company that is trying to sell cookbooks is to reach out to influencers and create a hashtag for your book. You even reach out to an international magazine in the food and wellness industry to see if they could promote it on social media like facebook or instagram. Just try a different platform that’s international to promote your cookbook.


Kaylin Stanley

The best way to promote a cook book globally is first to have it available in every language and possibly have alternative ingredients in case the ingredients aren’t available to the person in that country. The best next step is to encourage anyone who have tried recipe to share their experience with everyone. It can help spread by word of mouth from using social media. Even making a deal with well-known youtubers would help gain more global awareness of the cook book. Another strategy would be when someone buys the book the could have an option to have the ingredients sent to them to make it easier to make something out of the cook book.


Yulisa Gutierrez-Medina

The strategy I would take to market my Cookbooks globally would be to go to the country physically and advertise my book in there bookstores, but I would also would make my book be in their language so there is a better understanding. I would host events to promote and share my book with an interpreter helping me explain what I am saying to the people. I would also make flyers and hang them up to advertise my book. In different areas of the world they might not be as high tech as we are here in the US they might not watch advertisements on there phones or TV’s they might think everything is a scam and just pull away, so why not going out to them and advertising the Cookbooks.


Introduction to Marketing


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