Situational leadership theory.

Situational leadership theory.


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Situational leadership theory.
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This is a free style piece of work. Use the structure that better suits you to present the requested


The wordcount for this project is 1.500-2.000 words (excluding bibliography).



Task 1

Respond to the 5 situations shown in Appendix 1. The student has to decide the best answer from

the 4 options and needs to argue on writing the answer with both situational leadership


  1. a) analysis of the maturity of the follower and
  2. b) the approach to take from a leadership point of view

Task 2

Research for situational leadership theory. Present a list of solid arguments based on researched

material providing a brief but well supported critique to this leadership style.

Task 3

Transformational, Inspirational, and transcendental leadership. Present one real (could be

personal) example of a leader for each of the 3 styles of leadership mentioned. Clearly explain

the link between both your leader example and the style in each case.

Task 4

Personal reflection (the points below are just a guideline for your reflection, no need to answers

all questions): Which are your feelings about yourself in terms of being a leader?

  1. Which of the leadership styles discussed in class represents you most? Why?
  2. What kind of leader are you?
  3. Which style of leadership you consider to be most difficult to implement because of “the way you are”?
  4. Considering your self-awareness exercises done in class, which areas for your development have you recognized after having analysed different leadership styles? How are you planning to overcome?





APPENDIX 1 (Task 1)

Determine the development level illustrated in the scenarios assigned and which leadership style

is needed – Action a, b, c, or d? You must explain why you made the choices you did relating to

class content.

  1. As the Front Office Manager, you have noticed that your assistant and coordinator are working

together efficiently with encouragement from you. Lately, however, conflicts between them

have caused delayed correspondence and wasted time. You would…

  1. Get them together and tell them how they can resolve their conflict and see that they do it.
  2. Talk to them separately about the problem, then get them together to discuss the problem. Encourage them to get along together and support their efforts at cooperation.
  3. Talk to them separately to get their ideas, then bring them together and show them how to work out the conflict using their ideas.
  4. Tell them you are concerned about the problem but give them time to work it out by themselves.


  1. For the last few months, you have been working with some members of a team designing

training and writing manuals to familiarize members of the Front Office Team with the CRM.

During that time, you have found that one member has taken the lead when problems arise. She

gets along well with the others on the team and is recognized as having the capability to oversee

the completion of the project. Because of time constraints, you must move on to other duties.

You have asked her to take charge of the project. Others on the team are pleased with your

decision. You would…

  1. Involve her in thinking out the problems she may encounter and support her efforts to take charge of the project.
  2. Let the group work on its own under her leadership.
  3. Talk with her and set goals for the project but listen to and consider her suggestions.
  4. Stay in close contact with her so you can direct and closely supervise her efforts to complete the project.


  1. You have asked one of your employees to take on a new assignment. In her other

responsibilities, she has performed well with direction and support from you. The job you have

asked her to do is important to the future of your department goal achievement. She is

enthusiastic about the new challenge. She may not have all the skills. You would…

  1. Give her the assignment and let her determine how to do it.
  2. Define the activities necessary to successfully complete the assignment and supervise her work closely.
  3. Listen to her concerns but encourage her to take on the assignment and support her efforts.
  4. Direct her efforts but solicit any ideas she may have.


  1. You have recently been appointed Employee development manager for a hotel in an area

that is new to you. In getting to know your people, you have found that one of your workers is

particularly capable and innovative. She has made several suggestions that have facilitated

communication among local agencies responsible for emergency response. At first you give her

a great deal of encouragement and support for her work, but little direction. You would…

  1. Begin to be more specific about what you want her to do, but make sure you

consider any creative suggestions she may have.

  1. Continue to work with her in a supportive way and encourage her innovative ideas.

Assignment Outline Page 7 of 7 7/11/2022

  1. Look for new ways for her to contribute and begin to let her work more on her own.
  2. Begin to channel her creative abilities into some very specific responsibilities and make sure she spends time on those activities.


  1. Since your group has been given an increased workload, you have asked one of your people

to take charge of a new responsibility. You have worked with him before and know that he has

the knowledge and experience to be successful in the assignment. However, he seems insecure

about his ability to do the job. You would…

  1. Assign the new responsibility to him and let him do it on his own.
  2. Tell him what you expect him to do but consider his suggestions.
  3. Listen to his concerns about his abilities but assure him he can handle the new responsibility.
  4. Tell him exactly what the new responsibility involves, and then work with him closely

Situational leadership theory.


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