California Politics Paper

Course: Political Science – California PoliticsTextbook – California Politics 5th Edition ( Author: Renee B. Van Vechten)SUBJECT: “Among California’s three branches of government, which do you believe is the most powerful, compared to the powers of the other branches?”Length-5 pages double spaced-1-inch margins top and bottomI’m looking for a thorough examination of the subject matter.State your contention in the opening paragraph clearly.The remainder of the essay should prove irrefutably that your contention is correct.Remember to cite sources from the course to substantiate your contentions. five pages of your “opinion” is not an academically sound essay. five pages of your opinion that has citations from our course material proving your opinion is sound does make for a good essay. The more citations from a wide variety of our course material the better the grade.MAKE SURE YOU USE EXAMPLES OF POWER BEING EXERCISED.  IF YOU SAY VETO POWER OF THE GOVERNOR IS ONE OF THE REASONS THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH IS THE MOST POWERFUL, GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF A GOVERNOR VETOING SOMETHING BIG!You MUST use ONLY sources utilized from this course. Text, readings, documentaries, lecture videos etc. Regardless of what you’ve learned in other courses and life experiences the purpose here is to demonstrate your command of the material we cover in OUR course. Use many examples from as many of our sources as possible. Don’t rely on examples solely from the text for example.Potential sources to draw from include:TextDocumentariesVideosProfessor Cris’ Video LecturesGrammar, spelling and syntax are important. Although I won’t specifically down grade your essay based on grammatical errors, if I can’t figure out what you are trying to argue because the essay is poorly written it will affect your grade. Find someone to proof your essay. Don’t rely solely on spell and grammar check software. An extra set of eyes at a minimum will cut down on typographical errors.So, to recap I’m looking for:Demonstration of knowledge of the materialQuality of writingQuantity of examples to prove your contentionsVariety of sources examples are drawn from to prove your contentions

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California Politics Paper
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