My post was:Refugees and their living in the member countries is a crucial issue to discuss, and it is expected that all the EU members will have their different input regarding this matter. First of all, the European Union’s decision about the implementation of punishment to the countries who are not ready to keep the refugees. I understand the need for cooperation of the whole EU on refugees’ issues. The decision to impose heavy taxes on the countries that are not accommodating the refuges is good because the refugees are not the issue or responsibility of one country. If those people need shelter and are homeless, it is the obvious duty of all the members to accommodate. A point that needs to be considered as a priority is the economic condition of all the countries. EU does not have the countries with the same financial stability and resources. The number of refugees is to be decided according to each country’s potential, but it is above the question that any country will get spared. As far as Denmark is concerned, it has always taken care of the human rights and feel pity for the refuges. The government aims to follow all the instructions decided by the EU. It has also been suggested that all those countries that are not ready to accommodate or have already accommodated but are not behaving well will be kicked out of the EU. The union has made the committee investigate the standard of living of those refugees, and it is necessary to know whether those countries are fulfilling the duties. In the end, everyone needs to take care of refugees’ rights, and it is ensured that Denmark will never show any ignorance towards the right of refugees. It will always play its role at the front end for taking care of instructions of the European UnionReferences: Affairs,D. F. (2018). Diplomats, Foreign Government Officials and Members of the Military. Retrieved from manuel gonzalez response:The solutions that our committee came up with, are in my opinion a pretty good way to go about the problem. Because most of these countries are not going to have a change of heart or are suddenly going to improve the living accommodations of the refugees if a deterrent is put in place. What better deterrent than placing a Tariff or taking away money, these first two punishments are monetary and aren’t super severe but in the case of most countries will get the job done. If the first two aren’t enough to make the countries change their ways then we added a third and final punishment and that is expulsion although I doubt that it’ll get to this point. The last step would only come into action, if severe human right violations or mistreatment of the refugees continued to take place even after the first two punishments we brought down on the particular country. For a country to be expelled from the Union there would have to be a vote were the absolute majority voted in favor of expulsion. When it comes to the country I represent, Belgium we have always been pretty good the refugees and although there were some problems with the accommodation’s of the refugees during the height of the pandemic we are now handling it.200 Words responseandclassmate Eric Jimenez gonzales response:Human rights are a core foundational element of the European Union, as an International Organism, and it is a must that humans rights, in all its forms, are preserved, watched over, and demanded from every member of the Union. A refugee is by definition, an individual whose rights were stripped away from them in their native country, and it now at the mercy of a foreign one, and it is then, when they are at their most vulnerable, that the Union, as a watcher of human rights, must, not only contemplate all legal, and equilibrated options to accept and even rescue at sea, as many refugees, as possible, but also implement comprehensive programs that may allow these people, to easily integrate to their host nation.If members refuse, or present strong denials for accepting refugees, based on their national economic, political or religious interests, then said nation should be faced with certain amount of punishment, which must never be implemented lightly, without due process, within legal conditions. This is the reason why, effective committees must inspect refugee processes as whole, and must report directly to the EU Human Rights Council.A country which is being accepted at the EU, must understand what this means, and must abide by the EU regulations for Human Rights. No nation, from the smallest to the largest, can simply undermine these regulations.200 words response too.

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