How derivatives are used for servo motor controls.

How derivatives are used for servo motor controls.

For my discussion, I choose to talk about how derivatives are used  for servo motor controls. First, we need to discuss what a servo motor  is and what it does. A servo motor is a current and voltage-controlled  electrical motor. This motor works on a closed-loop system through the  commands of a servo controller which uses a feedback device to control  the velocity and position of the servo. A great example of this would be  the cruise control in a car. The servo controller would be the driver  setting cruise control to a set speed which sends a voltage signal and  varying current to the servo which controls the throttle until you get  to a certain speed, then maintains that speed. The feedback device would  be your tachometer telling the servo to lower the current being sent if  you go over the set speed and to raise the current if you go under the  set speed. The servo is using Proportional Integral Derivative or PID  which changes the motor’s output based on the set speed and what the  tachometer reads. The PID algorithm uses Proportional feedback which  tells the servo that it needs to go faster to reach the set speed  increasing current sent to the servo. Derivative feedback tells the  servo that we are over the set speed, and it doesn’t need to run anymore  decreasing current sent to the servo. Integral feedback holds the  current at its set amps and holds the position of the servo to keep the  set speed without any outside interactions that would call for the need  of the other two. Below is an image of how the PID algorithm works.

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How derivatives are used for servo motor controls.
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PID.png(Collins, 2022)

When put into an equation it will look something like this:

PID equation.png (n.d.)

Thank you for reading.


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How derivatives are used for servo motor controls.


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