INR Initial Response Vietnam/ UN Security Council simulation.

1 initial response, I am representing Vietnam. 1 250-300 words response. HUMAN TRAFICKING is the main topic.please cite the pages.Profesor:Good morning to all on this super rainy day! I wanted to provide additional information about the simulation.1. Your initial response needs to be posted by Friday.2. You are imagining that you are a diplomat representing your assigned country. If you find yourself disagreeing with the position of your country, try to find a way to integrate your views while remaining “mostly” true to your country.3. Discussion board responses are individual. Even if two people are representing the same country, your grades are based on your individual verbal and written contributions.4. The purpose of the discussion board is to advance negotiations. Your posts should focus primarily on identifying policies that you would like to see the Security Council vote on. You can certainly share information in order to help support your arguments, but your posts should  not just focus on restating statistics and arguments that you have read.5. Remember that the end goal is to create policies that can be voted on by the class.6. Discussion board responses must be at least 200 words. There is no maximum. Make sure to cite your sources.7. Your simulation includes two sets of grades: one for your discussion board participation, the other is for in class participation.8. I also hope that you enjoy engaging with your classmates during the simulations. During this time of isolation, connecting with others is important.Stay dry.Dr. B.student examples:russiaZdravstvuyte! I am the representative for Russia. Human trafficking is an issue Russia has been trying to tackle for a very long time. We are currently in the Tier 3 watch list, which means that “the Government of Russia does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so” (Russia – United States Department of State 2020). We have had made some efforts in recent years by convicting traffickers, facilitating the return of Russian children from Iraq and Syria, and working with different agencies to locate and identify victims. We have even investigated, prosecuted, and convicted government officials for their involvement in trafficking in recent years. As the representative for Russia, I have seen that some other countries have suggested imposing sanctions on those countries who are not making efforts towards combating human trafficking. I advise strongly against that, sanctions may have the potential to be effective, but in our situation I feel as though it would exacerbate the problem. Sanctions have a tendency to worsen already existing economic problems and worsen areas of poverty. Our country currently has 21 million people living in poverty, “the number of Russians living below the poverty line has grown by half a million since early 2018” (The Moscow Times, 2019). We plan to work and propose a plan with the United States and other countries within the European Union to combat human trafficking and enforcing stricter border controls and checks. We are also planning to establish a line of communication with America and other countries where we can relay information on catching human traffickers, prosecuting them and identifying and helping victims.word count: 278 wordssources:Russia – United States Department of State. (2020, August 19). from Moscow Times. (2019, July 30). 21M Russians Live in Poverty, Official Data Says. from example:ChinaThere are at least two angles of approach when it comes to combating human trafficking; engaging it at the source and halting it when the source can’t be stopped. By source, I mean placing focus on why human trafficking exists. In nearly every case, poverty has a role to play. The issue of human trafficking is intricately tied to it. Lower class and financially disadvantaged people are exponentially more susceptible to be caught in the current of human trafficking. Naturally, underdeveloped and unequal countries are at the center of sources human trafficking. At the other end/angle of combating human trafficking is the destination countries, normally developed western states.To start with an approach on the source countries, the answer is to execute a conglomerate of policies by the local governments. Among these policies should be very well funded awareness campaigns and greater attention/financial allocation on the alleviation of inequality and poverty.   In conjunction with the aforementioned policies, the respective government should demonstrate a solid resolve against human trafficking organizations by implementing brutal penalties to deter potential trafficking. These penalties should hover no less than life in prison or the death penalty. Any show of leniency, either in the process of prosecuting or sentencing traffickers, will certainly be taken advantage of by them.Destination countries should also share the implementation of strict + capital punishment for human traffickers. Apart from coordinating & aiding with the countries hosting the source of trafficked people, destination countries are limited to conditioning their own laws and policy efforts towards minimizing the circumstances traffickers would consider appropriate to label these states as potential destinations.Word Count: 273 || References

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