courts, departments, civil rights

Objective: (1) Identify a topic within an executive  department division website to explore its wider issue in opposing view points in context.To do this,Find one of the examples regarding civil rights enforcement  from Hasan, Netflix, click,bureaucracy, enforcement, court systemOrOption: Independent Regulatory Agency.Example, Environmental Protection Agency – search environmental justice [or any public good function frommodule 1 assignment]example list, New York Times, ” The Trump Administration Is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.”copy/paste to url, to, the organization’s website and insert terms such as civil rights, rights,  enforcement, compliance. [ must address a public good]Example, copy/paste to url:– select an area topic?By Thursday midnight, Post the following questions in this Format:a. Which department, agency did you select responsible for enforcement of civil rights? [Url address]b. Select a topic [title] from the department’s  website, along with an announcement or related sources? [use search box, attach Url address]c.. What general issue from ELAC’s library database, “opposing viewpoints in context” would you recommend — Hint 2nd image in click,Library search pointersNo need to include a selected article source here.By midnight Saturday– REPLY  (10pts)address the person by Name;Search ELAC’s library database, “opposing viewpoints in context” with a term from #1. tell them which “search within”termused for your source click,Library search pointersPlease Write source, title, author, date, 2015 – present, bibliographic info at the bottom of the pageReply part:a. The department I chose is the Department of Justice (Links to an external site.)b. The topic I chose is Immigrant and Employee Rightsc. How does the source relate to the Civil Rights Division Website topic?Check List:The original thread must include (1) a clear thesis statement, which addresses directly the question posed by the instructor; (2) Please note the 300 or less word limit for your original post.

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courts, departments, civil rights
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