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You must also respond to this student’s discussion post.Response posts have a 75 word minimumPrompt3: Can democracy be sustained when so few people are involved in the political system? Voter turnout in a local election can run less than 10 percent, yet local governments are the ones that affect people more closely on a daily basis. Why don’t more people vote in America? Explain.Melissa MarreroA democracy is a form of government in which the ultimate authority is bestowed upon the people and explicitly expressed within them under a free political society. This is reflected in that the government depends on factors such as the political system. With few people participating, an increase in involvement in old and new ways would come at the risk of a growing gap between the economically wealthy and the financially disadvantaged (Bpp, L., Bruno El-Khoury, I., & Bhusal, T., 2017). The political governance that impacts voters can be attributed to voter apathy on how the control system function in democracy, particularly at the state level. This could be a disparity between how the electorate feel and what they encounter, and this may lead to disaster at general elections and a poor turnout (Khalid, A., Gonyea, D., & Fadel, L., 2018). Despite their participation, others are ignorant of the shift in a country’s rise in voter turnout. Often people don’t like neither politicians, not polling is a sign of rejection. Many cases voters can’t even distinguish between politicians, which drives them not to cast a ballot because they are not interested in obtaining information about candidates.ReferencesBpp, L., Bruno El-Khoury, I., & Bhusal, T. (2017, August 24). Is citizen participation actually good for democracy? Retrieved August 02, 2020, from, B., Lowi, T., Weir, M., Tolbert, C., Campbell, A., & Spitzer, R (2019). We the people. New York. W. W. Norton & Company.Khalid, A., Gonyea, D., & Fadel, L. (2018, September 10). On The Sidelines Of Democracy: Exploring Why So Many Americans Don’t Vote. Retrieved August 02, 2020, from

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Write a peer response!
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