News analyses

News analysesDiscussion of relevant current events related to a specific developing country or the general topics of development and/or international development policy.  You are responsible for finding a current media item about a contemporary issue related to the class. It can be an article from a traditional news source, a video story, a blog posting from an appropriate commentator, a report from a think tank, or an additional source. Think broadly here; I want to encourage you to be curious and to explore multiple media and credible sources for your news.For each analysis, you are to submit an active link to the article or news story. You are to write a 500 – 550-word analysis (about one single-spaced page) along with the active link. Your analysis should contain four things:A link to the itema 2-3 sentence summary of the article, report, or media item;a longer, full paragraph length discussion of the story. Here are some potential options:discuss how it converges and/or diverges from the reading or class material. Be specific in your discussion.Pursue one item discussed or mentioned in the news item about which you are curious. Use the discussion to fact check or find out more from a different source.Finally, a 2 – 3 sentence discussion about what was interesting or new to you, or what you still want to find out in relation to the story.

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News analyses
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