Gender and International Relations – Research Essay

Assessment 4: Research EssayValue: 40%Length: 2,500 words (excluding reference list and footnotes). This word limit is inclusive of in-text citations and all headings/sub-headings. There is no +10% leeway. The length of 2,500 words is a strict one.Purpose: You are required to produce a 2500-word research paper addressing a key question in the study of gender and international relations.Instructions:·  Your essay should state your research question and why it is a problem, of relevance and worth studying to enhance our understanding of gender and international relations.·  It should be based on your research proposal.·  You must include 10-20 academic and secondary sources.·  Your research essay must not be on the same topic as your Group Presentation.Assessment Criteria:·  Originality of question: Skilful crafting of a question to investigate an issue or problem relevant to the study of gender and international relations.·  Central Argument: Addresses the question directly and fully, supported by theory, evidence and illustration.·  Clarity and structure: Clearly defines key issues related to the question and structured in a logical manner to explore and demonstrate the central argument.·  Critical Reflection: Provides a convincing argument as to why this question is relevant and important to understanding of gender and international relations. Demonstrates the scope of the issue, drawing linkages between the question and broader set of questions/problems in international relations.·  Research: Demonstrates use and analysis of relevant literature and primary evidence.·  Use of theory and empirical evidence: Provides a clear and logical argument informed by theory and supported by empirical evidence that answers the research question.·  Academic writing and word limit: Written expression is grammatical and avoids unexplained jargon. Within the word limit.·  Referencing: Uses Harvard or Chicago referencing consistently and correctly. Ten to 20 sources are expected to be consulted and listed.Submission Requirements:·  MUST include marking rubric at end of essay (-1% penalty if not included)·  MUST include name and student ID in the header/footer of submission, or on title page (-1% penalty)·  MUST save file as a word document (.docx or .doc) (-1% penalty if not done)·  MUST save file with the title format ‘SurnameFirstnameUNITCODEResearchEssay.docx’ [for example, SmithSallyATS3697ResearchEssay.docx] (-1% penalty)Expected return date: 3 weeks after submission

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Gender and International Relations – Research Essay
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